Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will arrive on Wednesday at the town of Kida in Binyamin and will pay a condolence visit to the family of Yamam counterterrorist fighter Noam Raz, who was killed in an exchange of gunfire with terrorists last Friday.

This will be the first time since the formation of the government that Bennett has visited an Israeli locality in the Binyamin region, after his visit on Tuesday to the Elkana local council in Samaria, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

This will also be the first time that Bennett will pay a condolence call to the home of a bereaved family that has lost a loved one in the deadly wave of murderous terror that has hit Israel in recent weeks.

Right-wing activists plan to demonstrate at the entrance to Kida on Wednesday in protest against Bennett and his government.

"Residents of Binyamin and Gush Shilo should arrive at the entrance to Kida at 8:30 a.m.," said a message sent to activists. "We will say ‘no’ to the sale of the Land of Israel and the people of Israel to the Islamic movement and say ‘no’ to security abandonment. We will not let Naftali Bennett be photographed in the town as if everything is fine."

During his visit to Elkana on Tuesday, Bennett welcomed by Council Chairman Asaf Mintzer, first grade pupils from the Keramim School, and Shilo Har-Shoshanim, the father of the late Lt. Yoav Har-Shoshanim, who fell in Lebanon in 1994.

The Prime Minister then continued to the observation point overlooking Elkana and the new neighborhood, Givat Maoz, which has just been approved by the government.

Prime Minister Bennett concluded his visit by participating in the festive event marking 45 years since the founding of Elkana.

"The story of Elkana, your story, is the story of Zionism, of hope, of building up the land. When I say Elkana – I hear contribution. I hear love of the land. I hear connection. Indeed, people have come from Elkana to all areas of Israeli society – to the military, the economy and business. We have government ministers – Ze'ev Elkin and Yoaz Hendel – who are doing exceptional work. This is a story of ongoing contributions, and education to this effect among the younger generation. As Prime Minister, I wish that this spirit, the spirit of Elkana, the spirit of contributing, the spirit of the past, will continue. I have no doubt that it will continue from this building, which was made with cement and sand, when the little one crawled on his hands and knees and scraped his knees, and now we are celebrating 45 years. This is a great – and very moving – success story," he said.

"Against the violence of the enemy, the Zionist response has always been settlement, security and Aliyah. We are doing these three things. Last week, we approved here in Elkana, I believe, the largest single building initiative since the community was established. I have no doubt that this will be an answer for the younger generation," added Bennett.

“As Prime Minister of Israel, I do not want any group in the country to live in fear. The government is for the benefit of everyone. I will make every effort in the world to hold it together. Nobody has been excluded except for those who exclude themselves. Whoever does not want to come to the government, I cannot compel them but everyone is invited. Now, when they ask me what time is it, it is a time for unity. This is the people of Israel's greatest need today – it is a time for unity. Unity means coming into contact with different people even if they are – 'Heaven forbid!' – leftists."

Elkana Local Council Chairman Mintzer said, "As council chairman and a public emissary, I have the immense responsibility of faithfully representing Elkana and the region and seeing to its development and prosperity. Out of that same sense of responsibility, I raised before the Prime Minister, at a previous meeting, the needs of Elkana and the entire region. We welcomed the Prime Minister's request to visit and celebrate with us on our festive day and thereby continue his most recent significant visit to Elkana, when he honored us on our 40th anniversary celebrations while serving as Education Minister. I am very proud that presidents, prime ministers and ministers have repeatedly recognized its importance, its contribution, its importance and its accelerated development – to the joy of us all."