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A Jewish focused radio station will soon be opening in Morocco, featuring programming that highlights the culture of Moroccan Jews.

With a planned September launch, Mozaik will offer programming on Moroccan Judaism, and will be based in studios in Casablanca, said Jacques Knafo, who is one of the project’s founders, EJP reported.

Mozaik will start off as an online station before launching as an FM radio station once it receives its broadcast license.

The station will focus on social and cultural aspects of Moroccan Judaism and will start off broadcasting in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh before expanding to other Moroccan cities.

The station will broadcast in Darija, Amazigh, Hebrew and French, and will serve to educate about the heritage of Moroccan Jews and the more than one million Jews of Moroccan origin who live in other countries.

“It will be a radio focused on social and cultural aspects of the Moroccan Jewish traditions,” Knafo told EJP.