Ambassador Erdan hosts Independence Day celebration
Ambassador Erdan hosts Independence Day celebration Uri Westrich

Led by Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan, the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN on Friday hosted a celebration for Israel's 74th Independence Day.

The event featured innovative Israeli protein substitutes with the participation of leading Israeli startups in the field. About 250 guests attended the event including dozens of UN Ambassadors and diplomats from around the world.

The guests were able to taste the various foods being produced by the companies who do so in a sustainable manner without using animal products including poached eggs, schnitzel nuggets, pastrami sandwiches, cheeses and ice creams.

Israel is a world leader in food technologies and protein substitutes. Ambassador Erdan, together with the Good Food Institute and the Israeli companies that took part in the event, emphasized to the ambassadors the important Israeli contributions in the global effort to fight the climate crisis through innovation. Showcasing a green Israel and how Israel is working to fight climate change is at the top of Ambassador Erdan's agenda at the UN.

In his speech, Ambassador Erdan said, "We decided to give you all a ‘taste’ of our shared vision – both literally and figuratively. A taste of Israel’s dominant role in a sector that is about to change the world and ensure our future – food-tech. So instead of grilling poultry and beef, we are here today to explore cultivated meats, plant-based proteins, chicken-less eggs and cow-less milk. These advancements are absolutely remarkable and they are truly making an impact."

"It is no secret that Israel suffers from immense bias at the UN. Not only is this bias immoral, it also perpetuates the conflict with our neighbors. As representatives of your States that sometimes face UN votes singling out Israel, I urge you to etch this evening into your memory."

"Israel, should be singled out. But only for the amazing good that it brings to the world. As delegates to a body that is focused on making the world a better place, Israel’s contributions to this cause must not only be remembered, but celebrated!"

credit: Uri Westrich
credit: Uri Westrich
credit: Uri Westrich
credit: Uri Westrich
credit: Uri Westrich

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