Ronen Bar
Ronen Bar Shabak spokesperson

The General Security Service's (Shabak) controversial Jewish Division will undergo a significant change.

At the initiative of Shabak chief Ronen Bar, the Jewish Division, which until now worked under the organization's Foreign Affairs Division, which will move to operate under the divisions dealing with Israeli Arabs.

Channel 13 News reported that this is part of an initiative by Bar to restructure the Shabak, including the establishment of a new division called the 'Israel Wing.'

The 'Israel Wing' will address all threats posed by Israeli citizens, that is, prevent nationalist crime or terrorism, both from Arabs and Jews.

According to sources within the Shabak, the move is being made in response to the lessons from Operation Guardian of the Walls nearly a year ago, out of a desire to refine investigations and mobilize the necessary resources for all related investigations, including the need for one wing to address all suspicions.