Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on Monday evening on the discussion in the Knesset House Committee on declaring MK Amichai Chikli a defector from the Yamina party.

In a video he published, Netanyahu attacked the Bennett government and called for the formation of a right-wing government under his leadership.

"Chikli did not defect from Yamina. Yamina defected from the right," Netanyahu said. "Chikli understands very well that a government dependent on the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood cannot fight terrorism. And I tell you that we must not wait for the next terrorist attack or the next firing of rockets. We must immediately form a strong right-wing government headed by me to restore security and peace to Israeli citizens."

The House Committee voted on Monday night to approve the request of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to declare Chikli a defector from the Yamina party.

The motion was passed by a vote of seven in favor and no votes against.

The declaration bars Chikli from running in the next elections as part of any party which currently exists.