MK Chikli in the Knesset debate today
MK Chikli in the Knesset debate todayHezki Baruch

The Knesset House Committee voted Monday night to approve the request of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to declare MK Amichai Chikli a defector from the Yamina party following a heated debate which began in the morning.

The motion was passed by a vote of seven in favor ad no votes against.

The declaration would bar Chickli from running in the next elections in any Knesset party which currently exists.

Chikli attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and members of the Yamina during the debate, claiming that they had committed an injustice in the formation of the current government. "Naturally, politics is also a pragmatic arena that requires compromises, and all commitments to the voter cannot be met, but a horrific spectacle of such a sweeping and blatant violation of the most important commitments, which constitute the very ideological backbone of the Yamina party, is an unprecedented event in Israeli history." said Chikli.