The exhibition today in Beit Shemesh
The exhibition today in Beit ShemeshIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

This morning, the second day of Passover, the Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit organization specializing in training and deploying working dogs, the (IDU) held a dog show for the students of the Ezrat Ahim special needs advocacy organization in Ezrat Ahim's new recreational facilities in Beit Shemesh.

IDU director Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov commented: "We salute our volunteers who, even during Passover, will leave everything to bring light and joy to the life of those with special needs, along with their canine companions. Such an effort brings happiness not only to the individuals with special needs but also a much-needed degree of freedom to their parents, who must care for them year-round. We are happy to carry out this holy task.”