Missile seen over Damascus (archive)
Missile seen over Damascus (archive)Reuters

Syrian media reported on Wednesday night that the country’s air defense systems had been activated following an Israeli air strike in the Damascus area.

Heavy explosions were reported in the area.

A source in the Syrian army said that three soldiers were killed in the air strike and that much property was damaged.

He claimed that the Syrian air defense systems intercepted most of the missiles.

This marks the second time in as many nights that Syria has claimed that Israel carried out an air strike in its territory.

On Tuesday night, a source in the Syrian army told Syria’s official news agency SANA that Israel carried out an air strike in the Quneitra area.

According to the source, the air strike caused damage and it was carried out from the Golan Heights using surface-to-surface missiles.

Earlier, the Lebanese news agency Elnashra reported that the IAF had attacked a military post in the Quneitra area.

A week ago, Syrian media reported an air strike near Damascus.

Arab media reported that Israeli fighter jets attacked Khan al-Sheikh, located about 10 km south of the capital. It was also reported that the Syrian air defense systems were activated following the attack.

Syria's official news agency reported that the attack was carried out using surface-to-surface missiles.