Israel's Defense Ministry has sent four F-16 fighter planes to the US, completing the shipment of 12 fighter planes.

The planes will be used by the US Air Force for training purposes. The agreement also includes engines and spare parts.

A few months ago, the Defense Ministry signed an agreement to sell 29 F-16 fighter planes to Top Aces, which will provide "enemy flights" service to the US Air Force for training purposes.

On Wednesday, an "Antonov" cargo plane landed at Ben Gurion International Airport, and Defense Ministry representatives loaded the last four planes and equipment onto it.

The previous planes had been sent in three shipments.

F-16 בדרכו לארה"ב
F-16 בדרכו לארה"בצילום: אגף דוברות והסברה, משרד הביטחון