Three people have been charged for involvement in an antisemitic rally that took place in the Orlando area over the weekend, WESH reported.

Burt Colucci, 45, and Joshua Terrell, 46, were charges with battery with a hate crime enhancement.

Jason Brown, 47, was charged with grand theft.

White supremacists held the small rally, during which they chanted anti-Semitic slogans and waved Nazi flags, beside a shopping center in Orlando on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses say the event lasted only five to ten minutes.

During the gathering, demonstrators waved swastika flags, held up Nazi Party banners, and chanted racist, antisemitic, and white supremacist slogans including “white power.”

The demonstrators also harassed passersby, while shouting antisemitic canards, accusing Jews of classic medieval tropes such as drinking the blood of non-Jewish children.

The event was held near the University of Central Florida campus, and at one point the group attacked a University of Central Florida Jewish student. The Jewish student said that he drove past the extremist group, noticing they were wearing swastikas and yelling antisemitic abuse.

According to him, someone in the group noticed the Israeli flag licence plate on his car and they surrounded him.

When they began to spit on him, he started to film them. The video shows the student, wearing a brown and black hoodie, being punched, kicked and pepper sprayed by the neo-Nazis.

The gathering was allegedly organized by National Socialist Movement leader Eddie McBride.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina had promised that the neo-Nazi group would face charges.

"We’re working with the Anti-Defamation League who actually helped identify some of these people,” Mina told Fox35 Orlando. “I’ve reached out to Jewish leaders in our community as well to let them know that if they feel threatened by anyone in our community to please let us know, but charges are forthcoming on several people involved in that incident."

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