White supremacists held a small rally in the central Florida city of Orlando over the weekend, chanting anti-Semitic slogans and waving Nazi flags.

The event was held near a shopping center in Orlando, Florida Saturday afternoon, near the University of Central Florida campus.

Witnesses say the event lasted only five to ten minutes.

During the gathering, demonstrators waved swastika flags, held up Nazi Party banners, and chanted racist, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist slogans including “White power”.

The demonstrators also harassed passersby, while shouting anti-Semitic canards, accusing Jews of classic medieval tropes such as drinking the blood of non-Jewish children.

The gathering was allegedly organized by National Socialist Movement leader Eddie McBride.

According to a report by Newsweek, the demonstrators attacked a driver who stopped in front of the gathering.

The incident comes after anti-Semitic fliers were found in four different Florida cities recently.