The demonstration
The demonstration Homesh yeshiva

About 1,500 youths from across the country gathered at Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate Thursday to demonstrate in support of the Homesh yeshiva.

The demonstration was initiated and organized by students from the Shaalvim Yeshiva. Many youth movements, yeshivas and studios were contacted in order to bring as many students of religious Zionist institutions to the demonstration.

The demonstration takes place close to the date of the state's response to the Supreme Court regarding petitions by far-left organizations asking the court to order the evacuation of the Homesh yeshiva, and a day after the bill to cancel the Disengagement in northern Samaria signed by 43 coalition and opposition MKs and led by Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neria, one of the organizers of the demonstration, shared that since the march of tens of thousands of people to the Homesh yeshiva that took place at the end of the shiva period for Yehuda Dimentman, he and his friends were troubled by the thought that the government would award terrorism and destroy the yeshiva. "We have discovered that Homesh has thousands of supporters who understand that the yeshiva in that place needs to be further strengthened and that it is strictly forbidden to destroy it," he said.

Parts of the indictment of the terrorists who took part in the Homesh attack about a month and a half ago were published today. The indictments stated, among other things, that the attack was carried out with the aim of "educating the settlers not to return to the settlements." Representatives of the yeshiva stated that the indictments constitute proof that the destruction of the yeshiva would constitute a continuation of the attack and the achievement of the terrorists' goal.

The yeshiva said: "As more and more initiatives are set up throughout the country to support and strengthen the yeshiva, the Israeli government led by Yamina must decide whether it has decided to destroy the yeshiva and renew the disengagement plan. We at Homesh will continue to study and hold on to the place, with perseverance and dedication, until the terrible injustice of the disengagement is removed and eliminated."