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Bus stop (stock) ISTOCK

Four bus stops were smashed in Bnei Brak on Friday night, in an incident suspected as having been perpetrated by local at-risk youth.

Two of the bus stops are located on Aharonovich Street near synagogues, and the other two are located on Jabotinsky Street, near commercial centers on the outskirts of the city.

Reporting the incidents, Kol Hai Radio said they took place in areas where at-risk youth tend to hang out, and both the lack of a supportive framework and the lack of police enforcement lead the youth to carry out their every whim.

Bnei Brak residents were also quoted as saying that such incidents of vandalism take place every so often.

They also said that such incidents create disturbances, due to the loud noises and commotion awakening young children in the middle of the night.