the assault on Haim Mizrachi
the assault on Haim MizrachiKan 11

Police detectives from the Jerusalem district who were involved in the violent arrest of Haim Mizrahi in the Geula neighborhood were questioned Sunday afternoon by the Department of Internal Investigations on suspicion of assault.

The detectives deny the allegations and say they were forced to use force against Mizrahi after he attacked them.

Mizrahi was brutally beaten by undercover police and arrested for questioning on Wednesday, after remarking to them that they had accidentally scratched a car in the Geula neighborhood. The court harshly criticized Mizrahi's arrest and released him.

During the court hearing the next morning, the judge confronted one of the police officers, asking him, “Do you realize how serious this is?”

The only response was, “Mmmmm…”

The judge then told the police officer how “appalled” she was at the violence shown – “totally senseless violence. I find it impossible to understand how it could be that after viewing this documentation [of the police attack], the prisoner was not immediately released with apologies, and the case referred to the Police Investigations Department.”

Again the police failed to respond.

The judge then ordered the protocol of the hearing to be sent to the PID.

Following the hearing, police released a statement saying: “Yesterday there occurred a violent disturbance of the peace in Jerusalem against storekeepers selling cellular phones. Dozens of rioters disturbed the public order and caused damage to the store and also blocked traffic.

“While police were working to restore order and after an order to disperse was given, police used various means to cause the crowd to disperse in order to bring an end to the violent protest. During the disturbance, eight suspects were arrested for causing damage and disturbing the public order. Since yesterday we have viewed partial documentation which does not show the disturbance to the public order or the extended violence that occurred.

“If there are complaints against the police who acted to preserve the public order, they will be investigated by authorities as is always the case. We will continue to enable the public to exercise their right to protest within the boundaries of the law, but we will not permit public disturbances, vandalism, or illegal violence.”