Thousands of people from all over Israel traveled to the ruins of the community of Homesh in Samaria at the conclusion of the shivah (seven-day mourning period) for Yehuda Dimentman, who was murdered just outside the entrance to Homesh last Thursday.

MK Orit Strook described the excitement she felt at the sight of the many thousands who came with their entire families, including small children in strollers, on their shoulders, as well adults and young people, "The issue of Homesh has touched so many hearts and is important to the people of Israel who say here something very obvious: We are not giving up this place."

"Woe to those who touch the Homesh yeshiva," said Strook, convinced that the sight of the thousands ascending to Homesh is due to the actions of the government. "In the end, we all see and understand that we cannot withdraw from here. Whoever withdraws from here will establish himself in the history of the people of Israel as a follower of Arik Sharon."

MK Simcha Rotman said: "There is a very strong public statement here, and it must persist. Homesh is the correction to the sin of the disengagement." He noted that the first law passed by the current Knesset was the repeal of the law banning entry into Homesh. "This thing is at the door of the Speaker of the Knesset Committee (MK Nir Orbach). This is what needs to be promoted."

Yigal Dilmoni, the director of the Yesha Council, called on the government to "correct the injustices and stupidity they did here with the expulsion from the four communities of northern Samaria and Gush Katif."