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London, UK police investigating multiple anti-Semitic assaults committed by an unidentified man earlier in the month believe that the suspect may be from Yorkshire judging by his accent.

According to a report in The Examiner, Metropolitan Police are looking at the five assaults that occurred against Jewish people in the Hackney area of London on August 18 as linked to a man with a “northern accent” they believe points to Yorkshire.

One of the Jews assaulted was a 64-year old man in the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill area of London who was hit hard enough to render him unconscious. He was on his way to a synagogue at 8:30 p.m.

The other assaults included a 30-year old Jewish man who was hit in the head with a bottle close to 7 p.m. and a 14-year old boy who was assaulted around 20 minutes later.

Police are still urging the fourth and fifth victims to come forward to give evidence.

Detective Chief Inspector Yasmin Lalani, commenting on the suspect’s Yorkshire accent, said: “While this is a very new development, I am urging communities in those areas to look closely at the pictures we have released, which are of very good quality, and tell us immediately if they recognize the man.”

The police are looking into whether the man may have not been from London but visiting from another city.

“Feedback from Jewish and Muslim communities so far indicates that the man has not been seen locally before,” police stated.

Police are currently working with senior leaders in both communities to identify the assailant.

“All of the victims reported that the man approached without warning and assaulted them before quickly leaving,” Lalani said. “We retain an open mind behind the motive but the reported incidents are being treated as hate crimes.”

Rabbi Herschel Gluck, president of the Shomrim North and East London, told The Examiner: “Shomrim is working full-out to facilitate the arrest of the perpetrator of the recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks."