Security camera footage posted to social media captured the terrifying moment a man attempted to kidnap a Jewish baby and child in London.

The incident occurred during the Shavuot holiday in the Stamford Hill neighborhood. As a visibly Orthodox man pushed his children in a stroller in front of the Lubavitch House, a man attempted to grab the stroller from him.

The father and the attacker fought over control of the stroller and moved out of frame. The father soon came back into frame with the stroller and picked up his yamulke, which had fallen off during the tussle. The attacker also came back into frame after the father and his children had left.

The Shomrim organization stated that "witnesses believe this was a racist attack."

Shomrim also stated that the same attacker has been implicated in another attack on a Jewish man that same day. Footage shows the man punching an Orthodox man as he walked home from the synagogue.

The Metropolitan Police said that the suspect was detained by civilians who had witnessed one of the attacks and was arrested. The suspect was later freed on bail.