Likud Loyalty: Landau Style - Pt. II

It was not long ago that Ariel Sharon was the champion of the settlements. Once in power, he became the footstool of the Left. Were Uzi Landau to assume any position of power, would he be any different?

Aliza Karp

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It was not long ago that Ariel Sharon was the champion of the settlements. Once in power, he became the footstool of the Left. Were Uzi Landau to assume any position of power, would he be any different?

Once Sharon started to act more and more like a Laborite than a Likudnik, people realized that they should not have trusted Sharon. Some looked into his past record and realized that his role in the Yamit expulsion and destruction was a warning sign they did not heed.

Is there anything in Landau's history that looks suspicious, that we should regard as a warning sign? I think so. Landau was the Public Security Minister from May 1999 to December 2002. He was in charge of the police. Looking at 'police records' from that time period we see the rise of Yasam, the Israel Police Special Patrol Unit. Under Landau's supervision, this police unit brutally evacuated and destroyed the Gilad Farm, private property in the Shomron. During this procedure, the Yasam policeman did not carry their identification, which is illegal. It was a tactic to protect the policemen who used excessive force to remove the inhabitants of the Shomron farm.

From Landau, the Ministry of Public Security was taken over by Tzachi HaNegbi. And the horror stories get worse and worse. Both Landau and HaNegbi are vying for the position of Chairman of the Likud Central Committee. It is no surprise that HaNegbi has clearly stated that his loyalty to Likud comes before his loyalty to the country. "This plan is opposed to the ideals of the Likud? [but] I don't want to destroy the Likud over it." The definition of his loyalty to Likud is not in abiding by the policy of Likud, which is anti-expulsion, but in keeping Likud in power by supporting Sharon in his anti-Likud, pro-expulsion position.

In an article on Arutz Sheva from September 27, 2004, Uzi Landau clearly states his concern for keeping the Likud in power. A direct quote: "Even under the current circumstances, it's better to have a referendum [regarding the withdrawal from Gaza] and not new elections. I don't understand why Sharon would want to go for new elections, because he's likely to end up with a Likud faction that is both more unfriendly to the disengagement than it currently is, and probably smaller than it is now; I don't think we'll be able to get 40 Knesset seats in the next election." These words clearly indicate that Landau is more concerned about the 40 Likud seats in the Knesset than any real movement against expulsion.

Landau says an election would produce a Likud faction more against disengagement. Why does he oppose that?

And if the Sharon government falls, will the next government be any better? I cannot answer that. But if it is not better, then it should also be brought down.

Yes, there is a downside to frequent elections, but not like the downside to keeping evil regimes in power. At some point a government will be elected that will realize that to stay in power, it has to be committed to Shlaimut Haaretz: Am Yisroel, in Eretz Yisroel, according to Torat Yisroel.

People don't like to look in the mirror - in other words, a Cheshbon Nefesh - and realize they have made a bad investment. It is hard to face the facts when you have been betrayed by the party in which you have invested your time and energy and ideology. Loyal Likudniks would have to do just that, except for the loud 'opposition' within the party, which gives them hope that the party is not totally corrupt and misguided. Landau's 'opposition' is giving the appearance that Likud has some redeeming features, when in fact, the time has come for the Likud to be swept aside into the dustbin of political history.

Sharon has announced that the expulsion plan will be brought to the Knesset on October 25th. I would like to hear Uzi Landau commit himself publicly that he is going to vote against the plan, no matter what the schedule, no matter what the conditions, no matter what the promises. This will give other MKs the confidence to do the same. Then, Landau should speak to all the Likud MKs and publicize how they are committed to vote.

Uzi Landau has visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe many times during his career, including visits in the last 10 years. He knows the Rebbe's views on Shlaimut Haaretz. A video of the Rebbe shows an encounter between former Knesset Member and Cabinet Minister Avner-Hai Shaki and his family and the Rebbe from the summer of 1988/5748.*

Shaki's wife told the Rebbe [speaking in third person as a sign of respect - ed.]: "I remember what the Rebbe told me at that meeting, when my husband quit the government over 'who is a Jew.' The Rebbe said, my husband is like an athlete; stepping back a bit, in order to advance very far. And though all the politicians and journalists were opposed, thank G-d the Rebbe's prophecy and his words came true and that's what happened. All the predictions fell aside while the Rebbe's words were fulfilled. I thank the Rebbe."

The Rebbe was never one to be satisfied with the completion of a mitzvah; he always saw more mitzvahs to be done. He answered the Shakis: "Then you will surely endeavor to fulfill what I said yesterday; that he will double his efforts and not be affected by the opposition. On the contrary, a light appears stronger specifically when there is resistance. It is human nature. When he knows there is resistance, he will summon new strength to win them over as well. With joy and with a glad heart."

From this interview, it is clear that the Rebbe respected integrity; enough integrity to resist being part of a government that is acting against the Torah; enough integrity to not worry about being loyal to individuals who are acting against Torah, to not worry about being loyal to keeping your own political party in power; and enough integrity to act without fear of who will take my place, for you do not know the future. We act according to the Torah and Hashem will bring the results.

The Rebbe saw the mesiras nefesh, personal sacrifice, of Shaki - giving up a place in the government - as a springboard to accomplish greater things, a jump down to elevate higher. And the Rebbe sees resistance not as an obstacle, but as a stimulus to greater achievements.

The expulsion plan can be stopped. The 39 MKs can do it. A fraction of them can do it. They need to have integrity. They need to prioritize their loyalties according to Torah. They need to realize that even though the expulsion plan they are facing is an impediment and a hindrance, it is also a challenge. One that can be met. They need to realize that if Landau does not publicly encourage all MKs to vote against the expulsion plan, that his role as the leader to oppose the expulsion has in fact obstructed the one group who have the power to overthrow the plan. What he thinks will preserve his party is actually accelerating the process of decay.


* Living Torah by JEM. Parshat Noach 5765, Program Four [October 3 - 9, 2004].