Striving to Be Politically Incorrect

To all of you who've written in to tell me how politically incorrect I am, let me take this opportunity to thank you.

Arlene Peck

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To all of you who've written in to tell me how politically incorrect I am, let me take this opportunity to thank you.

Most times, I think that we, in the United States, just don't "get it". What does it take to realize that the Arabs have a plan and we don't? The plan being once they destroy the Saturday people, then the Sunday crowd is next. All this kissy-feely, being nice, political behavior and the giving in to the ACLU and "human rights" groups are destroying the very fiber of our country. For some perverse reason, Israel, which has more to lose in a shorter time, seems to be following the same destructive path.

Have any of you ever looked at the pictures on our evening news of the people who are out there having their "days of rage"? Gawd! Look into the faces of these barbarians who strive to kill anybody and everybody. They have a cause? What is that? Death? We are dealing with elements of insanity and nobody seems to grasp that simple fact.

I know it's difficult for people who are educated, and even kind, to comprehend that there are people, great masses of humanity, who are harvesting hate. But folks, they are steadily marching to overthrow everybody and everything in their path.

Even a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, which has never been pro-Jewish, had a column with the heading, "Violent Rituals Gave Way to Violent Atrocity". In it, the Times described how the Arab Shiites bloody themselves in worship as a way to warm up. Lovely.

Let me tell you a little bit about Gaza. I've traveled there a few times, as a journalist. Amazingly enough, I realized after ten minutes into that cesspool that it is an overcrowded cauldron of hell bubbling over. It is filled with offspring who have been harvested for martyrdom by hate-filled fanatics.

When they're not smoking those "laughing water" machines and burning tires, thousands of them are cheering and following in funeral processions, randomly shooting guns in the air, waving their fist and shouting for Jihad. Later, CNN covers it while giving commentaries about how a 'militant' was killed by big, bad Israeli soldiers. Somehow, it is always Israel's fault. The Arabs remain blameless.

(Has anybody noticed that the chaos taking place now in Iraq is a duplicate of what goes on in Israel daily, and by the same people?)

Back to Gaza. I have never seen such old eyes on children. More frightening, however, was the hate I saw in them. Maybe it's as a result of their early introduction to manhood. The Gaza Strip is jammed packed with young men (the women aren't seen, as they are kept inside) with nothing to do but burn tires, make bombs and think of ways to cause chaos.

These are not people you can negotiate with. Hey, these aren't folks who you'd want to socialize with, either. Unless of course you'd want to sit in a cave and have your coffee in a cup that hasn't been washed since the last journalist drank from it. They're sorely lacking in basic social skills and only able to feel superior by treating women as sub-humans. I truly believe that these men treat their farm animals better than their women. Over here, they'd never have a date for the prom.

Actually, I think our State Department is beginning to become aware of the seventh century mentality that they have been trying to rationalize with in Iraq and Afghanistan. People who raise their children to strap bombs on their bodies so they can harvest the bounty for their deaths cannot be reasoned with.

Yet, these are the folks that rush to United Nations special emergency meetings to condemn Israel for 'crimes against humanity'. If it were up to me, this 'politically incorrect' lady, I'd forget bulldozing the house of the terrorists' families. Instead, I favor razing the entire neighborhood. Let them blast off and get acquainted with their 72 virgins. The hell with the folks at Hague.

Human rights for terrorists? They want their loved ones bodies returned to them afterward so the family can bury them? You betcha'! After they've been wrapped in pig skin.

We in the United States haven't a clue as to the kind of mentality it takes to deal with the savagery that is being forced upon us. To our way of thinking, to "racially profile" an Arab terrorist-in-training is rude. Our Human Resource departments are at a loss as to how to handle the foreign applications pouring into our key companies from those Islamic countries, as we don't want to 'violate' their human rights by checking too carefully.

Yet, to not do so, is going to bring home the daily carnage that Israel faces and that we're now seeing first-hand in Iraq. There are those, like me, like Jack Engelhard, Steven Plaut, Trudy Gefen, Naomi Ragen, Beth Goodtree, etc. who write as I do. And I'll bet they are also receiving letters berating them for being politically incorrect. Hey, I was even fired from a Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Post & Opinion, after thirty years, because the new, liberal owners of the paper didn't like my being so "mean to the Arabs".

Israel knows how to chase after and demolish those "militants". In the old days, they didn't much care what the politicians from the multitude of countries who regularly come out to condemn Israel had to say. They did what they had to do and they did it well. Now is the time to re-find their backbone. The only answer for Israel, and for the rest of us, is to be politically incorrect and let the chips fall where they may. Let the frauds like the ACLU, the United Nations, the EU and their ilk protest all they want. We're talking survival here. Israel has to do what it has to do. Transfer would be a start.