Neturei Karta or the AJC

Shame! Shame on both sides of such sordid, unforgivable spectacles. Not much more needs to be said.

Isaac Kohn

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Shame. Disgusting. Unforgivable. Merely three words to describe the revulsion we felt seeing the pictures of Rabbi Hirsch and his Neturei Karta cohorts as they enthusiastically cavorted with the despicable Yasser Arafat and his gang of blood thirsty murderers in a unified demonstration against Israel. Jews from across the universe tripped over themselves in an unending parade of condemnations.

Seeing the Chasidic-garb-clad morons marching hand in hand with the killers of their own brothers and sisters caused one to heave and choke with rage. 'The blood of thine brother is screaming up to me.' G-d's own words to Cain, repeated in the ears of soul-less excuses for human beings. Ignoring the orphans' cries and the wail of so many widows, these imbeciles, instead, took upon themselves the task of encouraging the killers. Hell will not accept them, purgatory will not swallow their carcasses. Their names, forever, will be assigned to the waste basket of self-hate and loathing.

Terror attacks against Israeli civilians within the Green Line were a tragic mistake for the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Security Advisor, Jibril Rajoub, told a meeting of the AJC (American Jewish Committee) Board of Governors at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem earlier this month (according to the Jerusalem Post).

Silence. The wind whistles as it blows through the empty chambers of Jewish-liberal sensitivity. Not a word. Not even a mild slap-on-the-wrist from the same quarters that had so vehemently condemned the aforementioned Neturei Karta. Selectivity, perhaps? It's okay to swim in the cesspool of anti-Israelism as long as one wears the right color garments?

No reaction forthcoming for the hosting of a known murderer whose hooligans, on his direct orders, went out on a mission to kill Jews? No complaint hurled at the AJC's contemptuous hosting of, and extending to, this rabid Jew-hater a courtesy reserved for the morally just?

Liberalism in its ugly mask of 'fairness' sees nothing wrong in their (AJC's) act of betrayal, yet have the audacity to ostracize and condemn the Neturei Karta for doing the same. Albeit one group dons a shtreimel or black hat, while hatless is the other's style. Cavorting with enemies who have enthusiastically saluted, Nazi-style, the prospect of another Holocaust, is tantamount to declaring the goal of exterminating Israel as a legitimate mission in need of discussion.

Shame! Shame on both sides of such sordid, unforgivable spectacles. Not much more needs to be said.

The Neturei Karta are considered a lunatic-fringe that has split itself off from the main base of the Chasidic movement. They were (and are) vilified even by those other Chasidic sects who are adamantly opposed to the State of Israel. The Neturei Karta's endorsement of the Palestinian issue as a whole is condemned by one and all; their 'brotherly', pro-Palestinian, hand-in-hand public demonstrations are loathsome and abhorrent.

Enter the AJC, purportedly a symbol of staunchly pro-Israel support, which takes the liberty of hosting one of the Palestinian Authority's primary promoters and exporters of terror. How vile a proposition would it be were the AJC to host an Al-Qaeda operative who would apologize for hitting the Pentagon instead of the White House? How presumptuous would such a meeting be in relationship to the ongoing terror-threats against the US and its people?

But there go the over-blown, empty suits, throwing decency to the wayside and allowing a filthy, blood-soaked terrorist to spew his audacious apology; not an apology, mind you, for the blood-letting he has helped initiate, but for the fact that there should have been an extended reign of terror and murder across the Green Line and not within it. Spilling Jewish blood? Yes, of course, but not in the wrong area. That goes against the Palestinian long-range goal of eliminating Israel, as it minutely and temporarily shakes world sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

The AJC's flagrant abuse of their own self-appointed status as 'representatives of world Jewry' bespeaks true insensitivity to the horror being inflicted on their fellow Jews. Not a word expressing shock or dismay; not one of those stuffed mannequins dining and wining with the murderer felt any discomfort in entertaining the anti-Semite and allowing him to spew his twisted logic in explaining the on-going intifada. The food continued to travel down their esophagus as the wine they guzzled dulled their mindless senses.

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the Neturei Karta, are to be respected. Ostracized, condemned, shunned. But, nonetheless, respected. Not for their despicable and abhorrent stance vis-a-vis Israel and their repulsive cavorting with the enemies of Klal Yisroel; they are to be respected for not hiding or pretending. They expose their dirty laundry to the public, to the world. They allow both Jew and Gentile to know of their adverse feelings to the State of Israel, which they consider a blasphemy. They are to be respected for not donning a two-faced mask.

Not so the AJC, which presumes to speak for me and you. Extending their fraudulent 'liberalism' and 'freedom-of-speech' concerns beyond the red line of decency is much more repugnant. Driven by haughtiness and self-promotion , the AJC is a disgrace.

Am I angry? What in this article would give anyone that idea?