Jew Hatred - Overblown?

The Los Angeles Times, for once, actually surprised me. This is a newspaper that for years has devoted untold pages to the promoting of Israel-baiting and anti-Semitism, yet suddenly saw fit to devote two pages to the possibility that ?Jews face a widening web of hate.?

Arlene Peck

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The Los Angeles Times, for once, actually surprised me. This is a newspaper that for years has devoted untold pages to the promoting of Israel-baiting and anti-Semitism, yet suddenly saw fit to devote two pages to the possibility that ?Jews face a widening web of hate.?

Golly, they even published an article written by Abraham H. Foxman, who is the national director of the Anti-Defamation League and author of Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism. Wow! Do you think that they might just be ?getting it?? Even given the fact that they, and the Peter Jenningses of the world, the BBC, CNN, and most of the mainstream media have done everything in their power for years to slant the news against Israel in any possible way. (Many times I watched them gleefully speak of ?Anti-Zionism?, which we all know has been a code word for plain old Jew hatred.)

I?m not talking the distant past, either. Sixty years ago, in pre-Holocaust days, which are looking very familiar as of late, the same signs were there. The Jewish state has been targeted by the United Nations and the European Union continuously and singled out as a pariah state. Obscenely, Israel has been singled out as a ?Nazi State?.

For years, I have watched while these same press outlets who now, like a recent Newsweek, devote a cover and story to ?New Anti-Semitism?. Yet, how many issues gleefully reported on the terrorists bombings of Israeli civilians out for a stroll or eating pizza, and then compared them to Israel?s carefully planned and surgically executed removal of the bombers as some sort of ?tit for tat??

We are so pitifully politically correct in this country that, night after night, the news is filled with nothing but the carnage that the Arabs are causing, yet nobody can actually mention the real root of the world?s problems without being accused of being unkind and discriminating against the powerful Arab cartel. Somehow, in all this, while the Arab world is still bombing our American soldiers in ambushes that the Israelis have come to know so well, our press and president still speak of the ?peaceful Arab nations?. Oh really? Where? Why should I be surprised that the Arab world is still marching for Saddam when their fathers and grandfathers overwhelmingly supported the Nazis during World War II?

I have been trying to get a marvelous book called The Uriah Deadline published and produced. It was written by the seasoned and highly successful author of Indecent Proposal, Jack Engelhard. I thought it would a breeze. After all, the movie with Robert Redford and Demi Moore made half a billion dollars for Paramount. I was amazed to find out from them that they were ?passing on it? (after initially loving the story). Why? Because it deals with the bias and outright lies about Israel initiated in the newsroom, every day. Bottom line, they told me that it is too political. They only want to produce romantic comedies now. But the real story is Jack?s book is just too damn favorable to Israel and that, folks, isn?t very politically correct these days.

What is it going to take to make the world see what is happening in Europe? Do the Jews have to be placed in ghettos or wear yellow stars on their clothes in France to see the signs? Like a cancer that?s growing, the United Nations passed another bill calling for Israel to stop its ?occupation?. The world media continue their mantra against ?Zionism? and we, in this country, continue to send aid to countries like Egypt, which fill their children?s textbooks with hate-filled writings and accusations against the Jews in Israel. When we?re not doing that, Colin Powell or President Bush are going on television to speak about the ludicrous ?Roadmap to Hell? that they?ve devised with all those great friends of the Jews, like Germany and France. They still haven?t gotten over the fact that Israel still stands after they were able to push through the Trojan Horse called ?Oslo?. Now, it?s changed to ?Roadmap?.

I feel like I?m living in some sort of Orwellian period of time, when doublespeak like Zionism is racism, and anti-Semitism doesn?t mean anti-Jewish is becoming the norm. Terrorists like Yasser Arafat receive Nobel Peace prizes and the International Court of Justice has lost its conscience. They?ve lived so long in a tangled tale of anti-Semitism that even when the IDF discovers 44 tunnels to Egypt, as they did recently, where huge quantities of sophisticated arms to be used against Israelis civilians were being carried through 24 hours a day, the evening news responds by reporting on Israel?s retaliation. I want to scream, ?No! It?s not retaliation! It?s defense; for their very survival.? But, they, the press, the State Department, and the anti-Semites of the world are well aware of that fact. Hatred of the Jews is alive and well. The signs are there and we have to heed them.

The Christian Right are getting it. Mainly, because they, too, have become victims of Arab terrorism. Yet, even though they see that their churches are being torn down and a mosque built in its place, where are their protests and marches? We need all the help we can get. We?re all in the same boat.