The sheriff

But he’s a winner. Despite everything they tried against him.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Netanyahu and Trump
Netanyahu and Trump
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But he’s a winner

They can’t get him on his policies, because much of what he has tried, has worked. 

Not good enough, and not the point, say his enemies, mostly the Left. It’s his “personality” they can’t stand. So that’s it, since they can’t find much else.

For my leader in a brutal world, I’ll take Mr. Machiavelli, rather than Mr. Congeniality.

What goes for the one, goes for the other. But since Netanyahu’s bid to remain in office came first, and he won, the spotlight goes to him...
Of his own enemies, or merely those who disagree with him, he is, they say, touchy, and abusive, and insulting, and crude, and…and he takes everything SO personal.

As if, they say, it’s all about him – and, hello, maybe it is? Maybe it is personal. 

If you think I’m talking about Benjamin Netanyahu, you are correct, and if you think this is about Donald Trump, you are also correct.

Amazing how it turns out. What goes for the one, goes for the other. But since Netanyahu’s bid to remain in office came first, and he won, the spotlight goes to him, though not entirely.

In Israel, there is still to-do the business of cut and pasting a new government, but meanwhile…meanwhile, the same Sheriff is in town.

Despite everything they tried against him.

You only have to scan the other papers and columnists, as I did, to find a theme without much variation. In Israel, it’s “anybody but Bibi.” Still, even today. 

In the US, same song, “Anybody but Trump.”

Ask why and demand specifics from these grumblers, and they turn mute. Nothing they can substantiate. 

Big deal, they say, that Netanyahu and Trump have been successful leaders. The main thing, the two of them are so RUDE…and paranoid. 

Netanyahu, for instance, thinks everybody Is out to get him.

I wonder why…except for the fact that for years and years, day after day, the media have been clobbering him without mercy or letup. Ditto Trump.

Until, abetted by the political Left, they finally got the Legal System to try him on bribery and other specious charges, as in the US they tried to savage Trump through fake impeachment.

Nothing doing, and it ain’t paranoia when people are actually out to get you, is it. So we shouldn’t wonder why Netanyahu and Trump lash out.

They’re only doing what you or I would do – defending themselves. A bit too crudely? It’s a tough world. 

Today, this caught my attention, an article written in honesty and from a true heart of an Israeli Liberal. 

Credit her for being so candid, when she writes, “The first event that left me feeling disgusted and personally offended was in 1997, when Netanyahu was recorded whispering to the old Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri: ‘The left-wingers have forgotten what it means to be Jews.’”

But isn’t it true that left-wingers have indeed adopted Liberalism as their replacement for Judaism? Or is that only in America among Jewish voters? 

In Israel it’s entirely different? Let me know.

Seems to me that Netanyahu was on to something, even back in 1997.

He may even have foreshadowed President Trump’s complaint, that today’s Liberal/Democrats have forgotten what it means to be Americans.

We expect our leaders to be intuitive, and if they do not always express themselves politely, well, it is a world of hard knocks, and frankly, your guys are not so perfect, either.

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