If there is silence, Jew and Israel hatred grows with amazing speed

There are some 11 Jewish Democrats in the House. If they remain without vigorously and effectively protesting the filth that spews from Omar’s mouth, then they shall be forever condemned by history.

Victor Sharpe

OpEds נתניהו בכנס בדרום, הערב
נתניהו בכנס בדרום, הערב

Rabbi Meir Kahane - he was a great man and is deeply missed, although maligned by many - once wrote that. “Turning the other cheek has never worked.”

He was correct, and as Jews we were never meant to practice such a Christian belief, which ironically was nearly always absent during the centuries of internecine warfare which racked Europe’s Christian nation states. But too often, Israeli responses to Palestinian Arab aggression have been just that.

Bombing empty buildings in Gaza. Warning the hate-filled Arab terrorists, who call themselves Palestinians, to remove themselves to safety from buildings before bombing them. Enduring the most unspeakable and relentless Palestinian Arab terror and responding to it with velvet gloved hands. None of this works and must end. And so it is when dealing with anti-Semitism. If there is silence and weak response, Jew and Israel hatred grows with amazing speed

Rabbi Kahane said it succinctly in his book, “Never Again.” He wrote that, “Jews have been denied their freedom, their property, and even their lives by any neighborhood bully or national entity.” And he pleaded that it had to stop, once and for all. He also wrote in page after page how the Left in America will become the eventual nemesis of the Jews. Read it in his book, “Never Again.” How prescient he was.

For that and because he spoke out about appeasing a hostile Arab world, he was persecuted and his party, Kach, expelled from the Knesset by the trembling Israelites of both the Left and the Right – sadly mostly from the Right. Then, when he was back in America, he was cut down; murdered by a Muslim Arab. A searing Jewish tragedy.      

Victor Rosenthal, writing in the Toronto Zionist Council’s publication, Israel and the Jewish World, penned nine principles which he termed, The Strong Jew, which should govern the Jewish state’s response to anti-Israel aggression from whatever quarter. As he writes, “It may seem paradoxical, but the more aggressive we are, the less Jew-hatred there will be.” That is what Rabbi Kahane had urged and should be endorsed unequivocally.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has no need to apologize for adding the Otzma-Yehudit Party to the Likud coalition. The 13 point platform of the Otzma-Yehudit (Jewish Strength) Party was explored by David Israel writing in the February 26, 2019 edition of the Jewish Press. Though David Israel suggests that the platform is hazy at times, he does at least point out that so are many of the other parties standing for the Israeli general election. The highlights of the 13 points appear here.

Rabbi Kahane, if he was still among us, would recognize the plague that afflicts Israel. They include the unacceptable acceptance of hostile and treasonous Arab members of the Knesset and of Israeli Leftists who seem to have a death wish for the survival of the Jewish state. They are still with us and are Israel’s misfortune.

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer recently wrote in Israel National News how the Left in America is upset about the inclusion of the Otzma-Yehudit Party in the forthcoming Israeli election. As he writes, “…. it is coming from secular Jewish Democrat Obama Liberals in the United States who are tired of seeing that the people of Israel prefer a religious-nationalist direction.” These American unJews are cut from the same cloth as those who hated and persecuted Rabbi Kahane.

He went on to add the following:

“These same secular liberal Jewish leaders cowered and shivered when President Trump moved the embassy; they were terrified. They hate Bibi for exposing the anti-Israel animus of Obama and Kerry, further exposed when Obama and Kerry would not veto the last Security Council attack on Israel just before the two of them exited history. And they hate that the Prime Minister gets along so well with President Trump, whom they and their assimilated children cannot stand - although the religious-nationalist Jewish community of America stands solidly among President Trump’s strongest supporters.”

It is beyond all comprehension how and why so many Jews remain in the Democrat Party for one minute longer. Are they not moved by the growing dhimmitude and anti-Jewish sentiments among rank and file Democrats? Are they not aware of where this age old hatred for Jews - and increasingly the Jewish state – will lead to as the detestable Ilhan Omar spews her anti-Jewish venom; a pestilence no doubt sucked in with her mother’s milk and with large doses of Islamic Koranic hatred towards Jews and Christians alike.

Is there some deep pathological disturbance in the minds of Democrat Jews that keep them bound and lashed to an increasingly anti-Semitic and loony tunes party? Perhaps it is the same disease which afflicts Leftists in Israel. I wrote about this dire situation in an earlier article titled, “The Plague of the un-Jews” which was published in Isael National News.

See Daniel Greenfield’s new article titled “As Democrats Normalize Anti-Semitism, a Jexodus Momentum is Building.”

“The Jew learns not by way of reason but from catastrophes. He won’t buy an umbrella merely because he sees clouds in the sky; he waits until he is drenched and catches pneumonia – then he makes up his mind.”
Let me end by quoting from the words of Zev Jabotinsky, the supreme Jewish rebel, called by many “the Jewish Garibaldi” yet who died penniless and heart-broken in America on the eve of the Holocaust. It was to Jabo to whom I dedicated all four volumes of my work titled, Politicide; The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

He said, “We hold that Zionism is moral and just. And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmed agree with it or not.” He also said that, “silence is despicable.” Take note Jewish Democrats as you face growing anti-Semitism throughout the ranks of the Democrat machine and the irrational Democrat fear of upsetting the proliferating and Sharia imposing Islamic pressure and front groups.

There are some 11 Jewish Democrats in the House. If they remain without vigorously and effectively protesting the filth that spews from Omar’s mouth, then they shall be forever condemned by history and will have allowed the flood gates of anti-Semitism in America to open wide.

Meanwhile, the spineless and dhimmi Democrats - especially Nancy Pelosi - treat Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsur, Rashid Tlaib, ad nauseam, with the velvet glove treatment. Pelosi herself will go down in history as an arch dhimmi and a dummy, along with a legacy that makes the very angels in heaven weep.

Rabbi Kahane would have agreed whole heartedly in expressing contempt for such fellow Jews and one wonders what vigorous discussion he and Jabo would have with each other if they met in the afterlife and pondered upon what has taken place in the Jewish world since their untimely deaths.

Certainly each would muse upon the way they were individually mistreated by the Jewish and Israeli power mavens and structure. Jabotinsky assailed at each and every turn by the powermongers within the Jewish establishment, and Kahane persecuted by the Israeli power structure - including within the Knesset. In this respect, even though Bibi has disappointed those of us who have wanted Jewish sovereignty from the River to the Sea speedily in our day, it is nevertheless essential for the preservation of Israel as a Jewish state to reelect PM Netanyahu. The so-called Blue and White opposition would be disastrous.

I always remember as a teenager reading about the conversation that Zev Jabotinsky had with the eminent Zionist, Dr. Max Nordau. The white-haired Nordau spoke about so many of his fellow Jews and their self-delusion. He said:

“The Jew learns not by way of reason but from catastrophes. He won’t buy an umbrella merely because he sees clouds in the sky; he waits until he is drenched and catches pneumonia – then he makes up his mind.”   

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer, author of several books including, The Blue Hour, a collection of thirteen short stories. He is also the author of the acclaimed four volume work, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish State, available from both the publisher and from Amazon.com.