This Jew thanks you, Mr. Trump, and so do the GOP Jewish candidates

Many of us find Jewish named Sanders, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Nadler and The Minority Leader, Schumer embarrassing as they sell themselves to a party that no longer respects them or us.

Cindy Grosz

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Over Yom Tov, I caught up on my reading and found an article I read that touched me personally as its main theme was troubling to me.  The article highlighted Trump's frustration with American Jews not supporting him more.

Two things struck me;  those quoted in the article have ties to the Obama administration and that here was something President Trump said that was so controversial and still did not get picked up by multiple media outlets.

Mr. President, here's The Truth:

President Donald J. Trump, I wake up every morning and say "Thank You, President Trump." So do many of my friends. If you believe the article that was written, you would think that I was not on your side.

I am a white, college graduate, businesswoman living in suburbia, in a very blue state.  I was expected to vote for a woman.  I would definitely vote for a woman, Nikki Haley gets my vote, should she decide to run.  I was expected to vote for a candidate whose daughter married a Jew.  I chose the daughter who made Shabbos, Kosher and Chabad part of their everyday routine. I am expected to have sympathy for immigrants.  My ancestors came here legally, respected authority in schools, law enforcement agencies, places of employment and elected officials from all parties.  They saluted our flag and honored our veterans.  

Fake news will never cover us, or our support for you and the administration.

You Have More Support Than You Think

While the New York State GOP is in shambles, even some Democratic candidates and elected officials publicly announce that they "Vote Trump" and Democratic everything statewide.  Names like Assemblyman Dov Hikind come to mind.  

According to both Noah Silverman, Congressional Affairs Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Michael Celler, Director of Jewish Engagement for the Republican National Committee, Republican Jewish candidates are popping up all over the country in local, state and national elections.

Besides our two Jewish R incumbents, Lee Zeldin and David Kustoff, we have a record number of candidates all over the country including:
Joe Kaufman
Bryan Leib
Phillip Aronoff
Beverly Goldstein
Joseph Schneider

Lena Epstein is running to represent Michigan's 11th district.   She is on running on positions on a number of issues that are defined by her experiences as an automotive industry business leader, wife, and mother.

"I co-own and manage Vesco Oil Corporation, my family’s 3rd generation distributorship. I worked hard to earn the respect of tough as nails business leaders – many of them who were not used to dealing with a businesswoman in the automotive industry. Now we run one of the largest women-owned businesses in Michigan with over 200 employees."

“I will do the same thing in Washington, D.C. when I work across the aisle to find commonsense solutions to some of America’s most pressing problems.  We can work together for lower taxes, good quality healthcare, and safer neighborhoods for our children and grandchildren. I am running for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner for better paying jobs, safer immigration, and security here at home. I will inspire our state and our country with a positive vision of the future.  

"We can have an America that allows every person – regardless of background – the opportunity to succeed. I will represent every Michigan citizen as we work tirelessly to unite behind our shared ideals of freedom, safety, and opportunity for our families. I support our President, because a successful American Presidency leads to a successful America."  If elected, Epstein will be the first Jewish Republican Woman elected from a campaign with both parties nominating women.”

Naomi Levin is running for a seat in the House of Representatives in New York’s 10th Congressional District, against Jerry Nadler.  Polls reflect Levin is his strongest competitor yet.

As the daughter of refugees, Naomi Levin learned early in life to value the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution. Her parents witnessed firsthand the devastation communism wrought in Russia and came to America in the late 1970s to raise their family in a land of opportunity, far from the oppression they experienced.

Naomi speaks four languages, including Russian and Hebrew, spoken by many in the district. Naomi received a dual degree in Biology and Computer Science and has been working as a Software Engineer.  Several months ago, long before most people even think about midterm elections, several people contacted me to learn more about a young woman about to announce a challenge to Congressman Jerrold Nadler. The 10th district is located on New York’s Upper West Side and in parts of Brooklyn that include Boro Park, very Jewish neighborhoods.  Levin is making national news by her appearances on Fox and Friends and The Blaze. She has been endorsed by Jon Voight and Anthony Scaramucci.

Daryl Kipnis and his family are not only political allies when it comes to Israel, they are my partners comparing shopping for kosher food, playing Jewish geography and observing traditions like fasting on Tisha B’Av or going to a Jewish themed cultural event.  His three young children have sung Hatikvah to me and have called me while making the blessing over challah dough on a Friday morning.

I call Daryl Kipnis New Jersey’s version of my friend, New York’s Congressman Lee Zeldin. Both are 37-years-old, married with young children and both support President Trump’s policies supporting Israel and American Jews.

Kipnis is running for New Jersey’s 12th congressional district against Bonnie Watson Coleman.

"As a modern orthodox, observant Jewish-American, I stand firmly with the state of Israel and understand its importance to not only my faith, but to the security of the United States and the role it plays in the stability of the Middle East," Kipnis told me.  Not since the days of Joe Lieberman has walking on Saturdays taken on a new meaning in Washington.

Ameer Benno is running to represent New York’s 4th Congressional District.  He has ties to Israel like no other candidate.  According to his bio, “I am the son of an immigrant. My father was born in a [Jewish] refugee camp in Tel Aviv in 1946 – two years before the birth of the State of Israel. Despite their poverty, my grandparents were staunch Zionists and immensely proud of their Jewish identity. I carry that torch today."

"My father fought for Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. Thereafter, he came to the United States in pursuit of education. While working full-time, he attended community college in the evenings.

"My mother’s grandparents had come to the U.S. in the early 1900s from the Ukraine to escape the pogroms. They settled in Albany, NY where they started a small grocery store. They founded and built their community synagogue, which still flourishes today. In fact, it was at this synagogue in Albany that my father met my mother.”  

Benno recently returned to Israel on a mission with Gov. Mike Huckabee in support of Judea and Samaria.

And More Proof Jews Support Trump

A new poll finds 82% of Jewish Israelis approve of Trump's international affairs and over 90% think positively of the United States.  Even Bret Stephens, a critic, published an Opinion piece in  The New York Times, finding himself grateful to the president.

President Trump, you can't teach a dog new tricks overnight.  However, you are training us well.  Very few are as vocal or standing on the front line with you as I am in trying to Keep America Great!!  It be reflected in the polling places.

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