Boro Park and Five Towns have their own anti-Israel candidates

Check the tweets and websites of every candidate before it is too late.

Cindy Grosz

OpEds The  writer and Santino
The writer and Santino

Don't be fooled if a candidate shows up in your neighborhood, shakes your hand, or takes a photo with a Rabbi during campaign season.  These candidates are smarter than you. They have seasoned, paid consultants writing their scripts to get in office.  

Once elected, they will do what they want.  They back Hamas supporters consulting the Board of Education like Linda Sarsour, support the BDS boycott of Israeli products, currently ongoing in Park Slope, and stand with organizations like CAIR at community events, like they did in Queens.

Instagram Social Media Darling, Adina Miles Sash, aka Flatbush Girl, is running for a District Leader position in Brooklyn, challenging Margarita Kagan.  I like Flatbush Girl's stories with her family and friends about tznius fashion, Motzei Shabbos outings and her shviger.

But, now, she is running on a message that is all wrong. 

Sash is using her celebrity status to win a campaign with a slogan, "In New York, there is only one party for Jews."

Our Jewish elected officials, including those wearing yarmulkes, have done little to stop the state and local Democratic Party anti-Semites and those who spur their hate for Israel, hijack their team.  

While everyone is paying attention to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there are several other Socialists emerging as viable candidates.  Worse, they are running in areas with populations including Orthodox, uninformed Jews.

  • Ross Barkin, State Senate 22 Brooklyn, including parts of Borough Park and Manhattan Beach

“Ross Barkan is a dynamic, talented, hard-working person who cares deeply about our community and brings people together. His innovative approach, determination to reform government and ability to find creative ways to solve difficult problems are impressive. Ross Barkan represents a change, a breath of a fresh air and I am very glad to endorse his candidacy for State Senate.”

District Leader Ari Kagan
Assembly District 45 – Ari Kagan

Barkin  is a protege of, and endorsed by Senator Bernie Sanders.   Barkin also supports Ocasio-Cortez.  A look at his website proves he ignores Jewish issues.
  • Juan Vides, Assembly  20 Long Island, including parts of Five Towns and Long Beach

This is a post from Vides's Facebook page:

Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina Running for the first time and winning the primary against the establishment. New Yorker's want change! Perhaps its' a bellwhether  of things to come.

Upon further investigation,  I found out that Vides has supported almost every ethnic group, attended events supporting women, Latinos, the LGBT community and business leaders.  He posted support for veterans on Memorial Day and holiday greetings on Easter.  Nothing at a Jewish event, nothing opposing BDS, nothing on yeshiva safety and nothing wishing a Happy Passover.
Local Governments Do Make A Difference 
  • Meet Anthony Santino, former Town Supervisor Of Hempstead, in Nassau County, New York.

“Every government official at every level has a role to play in fighting anti-Semitism,” Santino recently told me.
In 2016, Santino introduced the first bill of its kind in the United States and had it passed regarding opposing BDS.

The bill Supervisor Santino announced requires of any entity entering into a contract with the Town of Hempstead to certify that it has no ties to the BDS movement, or has engaged in efforts to boycott Israel or any other United States ally. In addition, Town leadership can terminate any contracts that had any ties to any supporters of BDS.

“Every government official at every level has a role to play in fighting anti-Semitism,” Santino recently told me.  He received only positive response to his bill.  Additionally, local governments play roles in security and safety issues and work hand in hand with local police, village security and private agencies hired by shuls and yeshivas.

Santino added, “The most common mistake voters make is thinking the federal government works on most local issues.  Many don’t realize who works daily on their community issues.”
Sorry, Flatbush Girl, a two-party system that checks and balances Jewish and Israeli issues starts in your own neighborhood.

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