Gaza fence riots: Hamas' fate is on the line

Nakba Day is an opportunity for Hamas to sacrifice its followers to gain needed publicity at the Gaza fence.

Dr. Philip Brodie

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Gaza riots

For the sixth  consecutive Friday, Arabs in Gaza rioted on May 4, 2018 at the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. 

Each Friday, international news agencies religiously quote Hamas officials regarding how many rioters have been killed or injured during that day's rioting. 

These news agencies accept the Hamas numbers without question. 

In Western states, such numbers would not be questioned. In the West, a public Health Ministry injury report would normally be accepted as a factual and true accounting. That would typically be the case because Western states are generally known to maintain a commitment to truthful reporting--and if such reports are not truthful, the government is raked over coals for false reportage (as we have seen in the EU regarding how migrant-related crimes are under-reported (here)).

The problem is, Gaza is not a Western state. It's a non-state. It's run by a terror organization, Hamas. 

Hamas doesn't follow Western standards. It's standards aren't derived from the West. They're derived from violent Islam. 

Hamas leadership--and, by extension, all of its public officials--do not maintain a commitment to anything close to 'truth'. They commit to the notion of Islamic Supremacy--and to the propaganda, lies and violence needed to impose and then maintain that Supremacy.  

The leaders of Hamas maintain only two governance commitments: to keep its 'citizens' enslaved to the Hamas Islamic order; and, perhaps more important, to organize everything they do around the singular goal of destroying the Jewish Israel. 

It's because of this latter commitment that Hamas has organized these weekly riots at the fence with Israel. 

Nevertheless,Hamas has two problem. First , it's tried many ways to destroy Israel. All have failed. 

Second--and worse for the terror organization--international anger at Israel because of the 'plight of the Palestinian' has dropped from front page headlines. Iran, North Korea and Trump have co-opted the 'Palestinian issue'. 

Hamas wants the 'oppression of the Palestinian' back on page one. Therefore, it aims to re-energize world anger against the 'evil Jew'  by picturing 'innocent' Palestinians at the Gaza fence 'peacefully demonstrating' for their rights (here)--and being shot doing that.

Hamas knows how to incite world anger against Israel. This is, after all, Hamas' genius. It can sell 'poor Palestinan/evil Israel' better than the West can sell soapsuds. 

Hamas ' new innovation is the series of riots at its fence with Israel.

The goal for these fence riots is to 'show' the world how Israel 'wantonly massacres' Arabs, including women and children (here). Hamas' goal is to publish every Friday for perhaps eight-ten weeks casualty numbers that are so high that the world will demonize Israel for brutality. 

To achieve this goal, Hamas will make sure there'll be plenty of pictures to take at the fence. Children will be shown hurt--because Hamas will bring them to the riot and push them to the front. Casualty numbers will be high--because Hamas will control what numbers it reports. 

To a certain extent, Hamas has had some success. It has gotten some headlines about the riot. 

But as time goes on, Hamas seems to be failing and looks as though it has become desperate (here). 

Internationally, its anti-Jew, anti-Israel message has not evoked truly widespread outrage. This failure is due mostly because, so far, both the US and the EU--arguably the two major players in negotiating 'peace' in the Arab-Israel conflict--aren't buying the 'Israel is killing masses of innocent Palestinians' story (here). 

From the very first riot (March 30, 2018), the UN has failed officially to demonize and attack Israel--and the consequent rage caused by the rioting hasn't been expressed by the UN against Israel, but by Palestinians against the UN (here). 

Of course, Hamas isn't done yet. It has promised that riots will continue at least until May 15, the Arab Nakba day. This Nakba Day is important. It represents a 'Day of Catastrophe '. It commemorates the moment in 1948 when the war Arabs initiated to annihilate Israel failed.

It's the day Arabs surrounding Israel gather to cry out for revenge.

Nakba Day is often also a 'Day of Rage' against Israel. Will Hamas use Nakba Day 2018 to bring to the Gaza-Israel fence the 'Mother of all Days of Rage' against Israel? 

It's possible. It could be that, between May 13-20, 2018, Hamas will seek to push thousands of Gazans through the fence so as to overwhelm IDF defenses. It's possible Hamas wants to use  this year's Nakba Day--or the week of Nakba Day--to provoke the IDF to open fire at hundreds, if not thousands of Gazans.

Hamas would love that. It would create a scene of carnage. The pictures would be wonderful for Hamas. 

If these riots occur, will they really bring Hamas its greatest propaganda victory against the Jewish state? Or, will this spell Hamas' greatest propaganda failure?

Stay tuned. But as you wait, consider this: what happens next week could determine Hamas' fate.