My AIPAC speech

They would never let me speak, I would spoil the party.

Tzvi Fishman

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Tzvi Fishman

The organizers of AIPAC would never allow me to speak at their convention, lest I spoil the party. But if they did, this is what I would say to the American Jews in the packed convention hall in Washington.

“I am deeply saddened to be here today to address the AIPAC Convention. I am pained because on the eve of Israel’s 70 years anniversary, there are still Jews who live in United States, as if America is the Promised Land.

"If I were to pass out pencils and blanks sheets of paper to everyone in this huge convention center, and ask you to write the name of your nation’s capital, I am sure almost everyone would write Washington D.C., and not Jerusalem.

"And if I asked, what is your National Anthem, the vast majority of you would answer “The Star Spangled Banner,” and not “HaTikvah.” '

"And to the question, who was the founding father of your nation, George Washington would be the reply, not Avraham Avinu."

Sadly, I could go on and on, and while I speak, who knows how many more American Jews are assimilating each minute, as reliable surveys attest, seventy percent and more. And the figure is constantly increasing, with no solution in sight, because there is only one solution, and that is for the Jews of America to come on mass Aliyah and hold all future AIPAC conventions in Jerusalem.

“In the minute that I have been allotted here, allow me to cite just some of the reasons a Jew should live in Israel:      

"To get closer to G-d.

"To fulfill the Torah commandment to live in the Land of Israel.

"To live in the Jewish Homeland, among Jews, and not in a foreign Gentile land.

"To play a real part in the ingathering of the exiles, and the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

"To make the declaration, “Next year in Jerusalem” a reality.

"To have a Jewish government and army, and to give your children the unsurpassable honor of serving in the IDF.

"To live in a country according to the Jewish calendar, where the national holidays are Jewish Holidays.

"To live in a country where the official language is Hebrew.

"So your children won’t intermarry.

"So your grandchildren won’t intermarry.

"To live in the Land of our Forefathers, where prayer ascends directly to Heaven, the place of the Shechinah, and the Land that Hashem watches over from the beginning of the year to the end.

"Because there is more Torah in Israel than anywhere else in the world.

"Because there are more frum communities in Israel than anywhere else in the world, with more yeshivot, heders, Talmud Torahs, religious colleges and schools for girls than anywhere else in the world.

"Because the Kohanim bless the congregation each day.

"Because of the extra mitzvot you can only do in the Land of Israel.

"To live in a place where your taxes support yeshivot, Tzahal, Jewish charity organizations, Jewish terror victims, Jewish hospitals, the city of Jerusalem, the ingathering of the exiles….

"Because you can get bagels there too.

"Because radio broadcasts begin in the morning with “Shema Yisrael.”

"Because of the modern apartments and fantastic villas all over the country.

"Because of the thriving economy.

"Because Israel’s an international leader in high-tech.

"Because of the excellent medical care.

"Because that’s where a Jew belongs and where G-d wants Jews to be.

“It says on the dollar, ‘In G-d We Trust.’ If you really believe in G-d, then come home to Israel! Thank you. May G-d bless you, and may G-d bless Israel.”