Senator Feinstein is another Rabbi Wise

Rabbi Stephen Wise, WJC president in WWII, kept quiet about the genocide about which he was informed. Six million Jews paid the price.

Mark Langfan

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בני הנוער בקונגרס
Mark Langfan

In what was perhaps the most despicable, low-point of the Obama-engineered political assassination attempt against Prime Minister Netanyahu, California Senator Diane Feinstein - on CNN's State of the Union - said, "He [Netanyahu] doesn’t speak for me on this, I think it’s a rather arrogant statement. I think the Jewish community is like any other community. There are different points of view. I think that arrogance does not befit, Israel, candidly." 

Senator Feinstein gets her mentality straight from the same 1930's and 40's mentality displayed by the American Jewish establishment during the Nazi Holocaust.  Led by Rabbi Stephen Wise, the vast majority of American Jews chose the keep-quiet, watch-the-Jews-burn, and protect their Democratic President Roosevelt at all costs.

Obama knows his nuclear empowerment of Iran can't stand the truth of the light of day. So, his strategy is to keep it in darkness.
Only the very few Jews of the Bergson Group stood up for truth, for saving European Jewry and defied the Democratic Roosevelt.  Sen. Feinstein's public animosity towards Netanyahu proves nothing has changed since the First Nazi Holocaust.  Sen. Feinstein is another Rabbi Wise.

Wikipeida:  "Gerhart Moritz Riegner (Berlin, September 12, 1911 – Geneva, December 3, 2001) was the secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress from 1965 to 1983.

"On August 8, 1942, he [Gerhard Riegner] sent the so-called Riegner Telegram through diplomatic channels to Stephen Samuel Wise, president of the World Jewish Congress. (However, Wise did not receive it until the end of the month).  The source of the information was Eduard Schulte, the anti-Nazi owner of a prominent German company that employed high-level Nazi officials. The telegram was the first official communication about the planned Holocaust."

The Riegner telegram read in part: "Received alarming report stating that, in the Fuehrer's Headquarters, a plan has been discussed, and is under consideration, according to which all Jews in countries occupied or controlled by Germany numbering 3½ to 4 millions should, after deportation and concentration in the East, be at one blow exterminated, in order to resolve, once and for all the Jewish question in Europe. Action is reported to be planned for the autumn. Ways of execution are still being discussed including the use of prussic acid. We transmit this information with all the necessary reservation, as exactitude cannot be confirmed by us. Our informant is reported to have close connexions with the highest German authorities, and his reports are generally reliable. Please inform and consult New York."

On the 28 August 1942, the Riegner telegram found its way to the President of the World Jewish Congress, Rabbi Stephen Wise, who decided to not make it public, and instead kept it quiet.

When much later in the war Rabbi Wise finally asked his "friend" US president Roosevelt to intervene, and save the Jews, Roosevelt said: “The only way to stop the slaughter is to win the war. Tell your Jewish associates to keep quiet.”  And, Rabbi Wise "kept quiet."  And 6 million Jews died. 

I repeat, Sen. Feinstein is another Rabbi Wise.

For today's American Jews, "never again" is, at best, a useless cliche.  At worst, the J-Street/Peace-Now inspired American Jews perversely use the "Never Again" motto as a bully-club in their support of the Palestinians, and their BDS-laced-hate of Israel.

Unfortunately, the Feinstein type of American Jew still greatly outnumbers the Bergson-stand-up-for-truth Jew.  The proof?  Count how many American Jewish organizations came out in support of Netanyahu's congress speech.  Virtually none.  The vaunted Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish organizations was AWOL in any support of Netanyahu.  

Sen. Feinstein, in her execution of Obama's shoot-to-kill-Netanyahu order, proved her loyalty is not to the Constitution of United States, and to the values of liberty and freedom it represents.  She proved her loyalty to the democratic President Obama.  but Sen. Feinstein took an oath of office to the Constitution and laws of the United States, not to President Obama.  Feinstein's hit-job on Netanyahu showed she didn't want the true American marketplace of ideas to guide what's best for American policy.  Instead, Sen. Feinstein wants the monopoly of Obama's Iranian insanity to reign tyranny over the United States and the free world.  

Imagine for a moment, if the 1940's Republicans had invited the Nazi Holocaust exposer Gerhard Reigner to a joint session of Congress, and that Sen. Feinstein was then a US senator.  On Roosevelt's and the State Department's orders, the 1942-version of Sen. Feinstein would have tried to kill the messenger then, as she sought to kill Netanyahu now.

Because, make no mistake about it, Obama's Iranian-nuclear-strategy is to politically kill the messenger of truth.  Netanyahu is only the messenger of the simple truth that a nuclear-empowered state-sponsor of terrorism will bring a new holocaust and and irreversible catastrophe to the world.

Obama knows his nuclear empowerment of Iran can't stand the truth of the light of day.  So, his strategy is to keep it in darkness and violate the Constitution by avoiding a senate ratification of Obama's Iranian deal.  Be sure, Sen. Feinstein will again violate her oath of office by supporting Obama's Iranian-nuclear end run around the US Senate.

Little did Sen. Feinstein know that Feinstein's Netanyahu "doesn't represent her", intended as an insult, was the highest compliment and endorsement of Netanyahu and his position. Thank G-d Netanyahu doesn't represent Sen. Feinstein's mentality.

And, I repeat, Sen. Feinstein is another Rabbi Wise.