Is Netanyahu Also Responsible for Global Warming?

Leftists have internalized the Big Lie technique so thoroughly that they may soon blame Israel's Prime Minister for the weather.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Israeli leftist politicians have reached a new low.  Two precious Israeli soldiers defending Israel are murdered by a salvo of Iranian proxy terrorists’ anti-tank missiles from a border retreated to unilaterally due to the Israeli left, and what do Israeli-leftists do?

Do they show some modicum of unity, and cry out against the Hezbollah terrorists?  No, they mercilessly attack Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Livni attacks him for being responsible for scuttling the Senate Iran sanctions bill, and Dagan attacks him for creating a “Bi-national state.”  They keep on harping on one agenda, which can be summed up as: A Palestinian West Bank rocket state armed with the same anti-tank missiles that killed the soldiers. To achieve this and get into power, they will tell any Big Lie, stab any Israeli leader in the back.  They don’t seem to care if they destroy Israel in the process. 
Livni and Dagan want to have a Palestinian state a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv, a state that not only has katyushas with a 20km range, but modern anti-tank missiles with a 5 kilometers range all within range of 80% of Israel’s Jewish population.
Just listen to what Livni said about Netanyahu the very day Hezbollah terrorists murdered the Israeli soldiers:

"Netanyahu rebuffed our relationship with the United States at a time when we need our ally to avoid dragging the IDF to the International Criminal Court and in the struggle against Iran and militant Islamic violence. Netanyahu prevented the sanctions, hurt relations with the U.S. and harmed Israel’s security.”

Never mind that it was Livni’s policy of creating a Palestinian State that led to the Palestinian Arab ability to try going to the ICC in the first place. It was Livni’s policies of retreating from Gaza that created the Hamas terror cancer in the Gaza Strip from which Israel now has to defend itself in the ICC.

It is Obama’s pressure on Democratic Senators that stalled the sanctions, not Netanyahu. Livni will attack Netanyahu without any regard for the catastrophic consequences it has on Israeli security. After all, say a Big Lie often enough and people will believe it.
"Big Lie Gatekeeper” Meir Dagan has been on a rampage attacking Netanyahu for years. Dagan even advocates Israel’s ceding the Jordan Valley.  Even before the bodies of ther dead Israeli soldiers were buried, Dagan said “The policies that they are leading are going in very problematic directions both in the field of the Palestinian problem as well as in our relations with our great friend, the United States. I admit that I am concerned.  After I fought in the Yom Kippur War, I no longer feared for the existence of the State of Israel. We lost our best people, thousands. Back then I was sure we can withstand anything. I admit that today I have very serious concerns.”
Dagan, however, knows that in 1973, Israel had the Suez Canal, the Sinai Peninsula, the 'West Bank', and didn’t have a Gaza terror state that has 30,000 missiles under Iranian control, and an Iranian-controlled Hezbollah in Lebanon with 100,000 missiles.  There wasn’t a minimum of 30,000 longer missiles that could hit Tel Aviv on an Iranian go-ahead moment’s notice. Dagan wants a PA State with another 100,000 short-range, easily concealable missiles in the 'West Bank' pointing at Tel Aviv.  

If a Suicidalist like Dagan was a “Gatekeeper” of Israel’s security, I can understand why Israel’s security has reached a catastrophic state. The barbarians are not only “at the gates,” they’re “guarding the gates” letting the suit-and-tie PA terrorists into the heart of Israel.
But, the Jews who will ultimately pay for Livni’s and Dagan’s Big Lies are not just the brave settlers of Judea and Samaria.  The Jews who will really pay the ultimate price are the Jews of Tel Aviv, who have no idea where the Green LIne is, and who think a 'West Bank' PA state is far away from them. Just wait until West Bank anti-tank rockets paralyze Route 6 that straddles the Green Line. At that point, even Leftist Jews will come to understand what an Auschwitz Israel is all about.
In fact, the only thing the Leftists haven’t attacked Bibi with yet is that he is “the cause of Global warming.” But, give them a chance, there’s another month and half until elections.