Amos Oz is a Dangerous Opportunist

Oz maintained that by attacking enemies, we play into their hands. That is the mindset of Israel's most prominent novelist.

Giulio Meotti

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But that great hope, Oz wrote, was dashed by the arrival of Holocaust refugees, "anti-socialist" Zionists, and also "chauvinistic, militaristic, and xenophobic" North African Jews...
He sent an autographed copy of his book along with a love letter to Marwan Barghouti, convicted murderer of innocent Jews and planner of the Second Intifada, Israel's greatest massacre of civilians.

Now Amos Oz has called the unidentified price taggers, whom he has considers exemplars of right wing Jews in Judea and Samaria, "neo-Nazis", condemning them to a similarly sinister, diabolical fate. Oz previously referred to traditional Jews as "filth."

The late Uri Dan rightly called Oz a "Bolshevik", the same type of Jew as Trotzky, who murdered thousands of Soviet Jews and held millions of them hostage behind the Iron Curtain for 70 years.

Speaking in 1989 to the peace-movement multitudes in Tel Aviv’s Malchei Yisrael (now Rabin) Square, Oz, revealing his mindset, described the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria in language Hitler would have envied:

“A small sect, a messianic sect, obtuse and cruel, emerged a few years ago from a dark corner of Judaism, and it is threatening to destroy all that is dear and sacred to us, to impose on us a wild and insane blood ritual ... They are guilty of crimes against humanity, their Jewishness is of the Hezbollah kind, their Zionism is like Abu Nidal’s”.

In 1978, Oz was instrumental in founding Peace Now. He then opposed the Israeli efforts to crush the PLO in Lebanon, calling the 1982 Operation Peace for Galilee a “typical Jabotinskian fantasy”.

Oz took to the pages of the New York Times Magazine during the Lebanon war to deplore the demise of Israel's "soul":

"Israel could have become an exemplary state../...a small-scale laboratory for democratic socialism." But that great hope, Oz wrote, was dashed by the arrival of Holocaust refugees, "anti-socialist" Zionists, and also "chauvinistic, militaristic, and xenophobic" North African Jews, and so forth.

Oz has always tried to undermine the existence of the Jewish state in Jerusalem, where Jews lived since the Kingdom of David.

And when he was asked about the consequences of a Palestinian Arab state and the increase of terror, Oz famously said "it is easier to break the back of a young Palestinian army, than the back of a young Palestinian stone thrower".

Oz always maintained that by attacking Israel's enemies, the Jews are actually playing into their hands. Is that Israel's most prominent novelist?

The opportunist Amos Oz has always stood with those Islamists and leftist moral rotters, whose raison d'etre is killing Jews and removing them from their own land. Oz has helped mislead the Israeli public into the disaster it faces now.

It is the same pitiful, apologetic Jews who led the chosen people into the ovens of Auschwitz.