Calling American Jewry

It is time to protest, for those in American Jewry who oppose J Street and love Israel to be heard.

Larry Domnitch

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Larry Domnitch

It’s obviously  no secret that the USA administration has recently been acting in cooperation with the EU and the UN to bulldoze an agenda upon Israel to facilitate the creation of a Palestinian State.
Back in November, Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israel on its Channel 2 TV network, that there would be “chaos,” a “third intifada,” and the “increasing isolation of Israel” if ‘peace’ talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail. Earlier this month, Kerry at the Munich conference on security, (Munich of all places) again warned that Israel might suffer more boycotts if the talks fail, “There are talks of boycotts and other kinds of things” he added.
The message: follow the demands or face the music.
Why would any nation facilitate the creation of an entity in its midst that is dedicated to its destruction? It would be like handing over Virginia to Al Qaeda. What close ally would pressure another to achieve such an end?
In the words of Secretary Kerry, “The consequences of failure are unacceptable to us.”

But to Israel, the consequences of a PLO State would be a dangerous threat just miles from its urban centers. Veiled threats and tacit approval to anti-Israel boycotts has become the tact of the current administration.
In the words of Israeli MP Tzipi Hotovely of Likud/Yisrael Beitenu “Such an agreement would endanger Israel more than any economic boycott”
The pressure from the US administration is appalling. Also disheartening is the lack of reaction of American Jewry. Where is the protest? Where is the outcry?
Why are the streets of New York City so silent? Where is the Jewish voice in protest? The American public which largely backs Israel wants to see a public response by American Jews. They don’t approve of this kind of treatment of a longtime valued ally. How about a march of ten thousand in protest! How about even one thousand!

Awaken this giant, America, now.

But no such public displays have taken place. Yet.

Public protest would also awaken members of the Jewish community to speak out.
Members of synagogues: have your Rabbis and congregation leaders spoken out on behalf of Israel during these challenging days? Have they emphasized the right of the people of Israel to determine their own future?

Students at Jewish Day Schools: what has your school done to react to the latest attempt to strong arm Israel?

Members of Jewish organizations: has the leadership of your organization at least issued a statement in protest if it has not called for a public demonstration?

Jewish democratic members of congress: when are you going to speak out?

​Out of the ashes of centuries of Jew hatred, the Jews, with commitment and ingenuity, reestablished sovereignty upon their rightful ancestral homeland. They then stood in its’ defense against invading armies and somehow managed to survive. When Arab armies continued to threaten, they fought back. When Arab led boycotts isolated the Israelis, they persevered and eventually built a world class economy. While others recklessly destroyed and blew themselves up in buses and restaurants, they persevered and continued to build. While others tore down, they planted.

​Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama you have placed the onus upon the wrong people. The Israelis have not initiated nor perpetuated the ongoing conflict. You have placed the shoe upon the wrong foot.

​American Jews, in these trying times, step forward and speak out! Tell this administration stop pressuring Israel.