Europe Deserves Islam

The anti-gender radicalism of Europe would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic, says the writer.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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On the 7th of June, the elementary school "Yves Codou", in the municipality of La Mole, France, celebrated the "Holiday of the Parents" instead of Mother's Day, so as not to  upset the homosexual couples of France, where gay marriage is legal.

Now, when the new school year,begins in Mid-September, on the facade of the 55,000 educational buildings of France will be posted two pages divided into seventeen points and two chapters: "La République est laïque" and "L'école est laïque".

It is the long-awaited paper of secularism desired by the Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon. A sort of manifesto of the "révolution douce" or soft revolution, the French political correctness of extreme secularism and gay culture.

Peillon advanced the struggle "against any kind of determinism", family, ethnic, social, intellectual. He also wants to fight "homophobia" at school (read that, opposition to gay marriage and gender theory).

Peillon's ministry has just sent to all schools in the country a circular to "strongly encourage educating children about gender equality". The text recommended by the Snuipp, the main teachers' union, is titled "Daddy wears the skirt".

Some municipalities have already changed the enrollment form for schoolchildren  by eliminating the words "father" and "mother", replacing them with "legal manager 1" and "legal manager 2".

The Minister of Women's Rights, Najat Belkacem-Vallaud, also wants a reform of the textbooks, because these do not mention that some famous authors led alternative lifestyles. Arthur Rimbaud. Homosexual. André Gide? Homosexual. Marcel Proust? Homosexual. Jean Cocteau? Homosexual.

On Spain's birth certificates "progenitor A" and "progenitor B" has been introduced in place of father and mother.
For this reason, the Minister continued, we have to put the sexual orientation of notable literary personalities in textbooks. It would be hilarious if it were not so tragic.

Minister Vallaud - Belkacem has also just launched in 500 of the country's schools a project called "ABCD of equality." It is a "war on sexism from kindergarten on".

Of the Biblical "Honor your father and mother" only a faint trace remains in the Western democracies. On Spain's birth certificates "progenitor A" and "progenitor B" has been introduced in place of father and mother.

This radical Western licentiousness will get its punishment from Islam. Al Qaeda's black banner crying "No God but Allah", the banner of the people who stone prostitutes and gays, who execute Alawite drivers because they don't know how many times you have to prostrate to Allah, is marching over this new form of "Newspeak", the dystopian language immortalized by George Orwell.

It is a war between European atheistic and decadent apathy and the Islamist theological turmoil. Europe will loose all its precious gifts: human dignity, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, separation of state and mosque and its unique culture. The good will go with the bad.

All over Europe, the number of births has dropped in comparison to the number of deaths year after year, but we daily create new types of families. A book used by the French ministry is titled "A New Sexual Order".

If Europe fails to live for faith, decency and family, succumbing to disgraceful political correctness and secular totalitarian bigotry, if the West’s freedom is nothing but promiscuity and license, then European culture deserves to die under Islam.

The caliphate will be stronger than anti-gender naivete.