The Armenian government announced this morning (Friday) that it has recognized a Palestinian state.

The country's Foreign Ministry stated that the reason for the recognition is the “catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza” and the need for “peace and stability in the Middle East [and] the establishment of lasting reconciliation between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples.”

“The Republic of Armenia categorically rejects the targeting of civilian infrastructure, violence against civilian populations and the hostage-taking of civilians during the conflict and joins the international community in demanding their release without preconditions,” the ministry added.

Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Armenia to Israel for a harsh reprimand conversation following the announcement.

Nine nations have recognized a Palestinian state since the Hamas massacre of October 7. Slovenia recognized a Palestinian state on June 4. Last month, Norway, Ireland, and Spain all recognized a Palestinian state.

Israel has maintained that recognizing a Palestinian state effectively rewards Hamas for massacring 1,200 people and holding hundreds of hostages, encouraging further acts of terrorism and murder.