Gallant in northern Samaria
Gallant in northern SamariaAriel Hermoni (IMoD)

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited today (Monday) the Gilboa and Emek HaMaayanot regional councils to conduct a situation assessment with IDF officials and council leaders on strengthening security in the towns against various threats, with an emphasis on shooting from the Jenin area.

Gallant met with Gilboa governor Danny Atar and Emek HaMaayanot governor Itamar Matias, and emphasized the importance of cooperation between local authorities and the IDF.

At the end of the tour, Gallant updated the council leaders that the Ministry of Defense would contribute to local security by purchasing drones, arming the civilian security squads with advanced weapons, establishing rapid response teams, and repairing the fences and security routes.

While on the tour, he said: "In Gilboa, Emek HaMaayanot, and the Ta'anachim, we are preparing against any threat. On one hand, we operate in a focused manner in Jenin, in the refugee camps, and everywhere to thwart terrorism. On the other hand, we are reinforcing the civilian security squads and rapid response teams we are establishing with the most advanced weapons and best training, including departmental firearms, drones, and all equipment required to operate in the area and ensure an immediate response until the arrival of the forces."

He added: "In the face of the Iranian effort to smuggle weapons and ammunition from the east towards Jenin, we are doing everything we can to stop it, and I commend the security forces who are making the necessary effort and also achieving good results."