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Itzik Larry, general manager of the Jerusalem Municipality, told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about the construction boom in the city, saying that it means more jobs and an increase in the number of residents in the near future.

"At the entrance to the city is one of the complexes where more than a million square meters of offices, employment, residences, and hotels are being built. This is the largest transportation hub in the state of Israel - heavy trains arrive here from all parts of the country, light trains from all over Jerusalem, buses with an emphasis on electric ones, bike paths, and walking trails - and everything is concentrated in one area. It's exciting to see how everything connects," says Larry.

He also provides several examples: "The Marom Tower is already under construction and will have 40,000 square meters, in the K complex, which spans 100,000 square meters, the excavation is completed, and construction will begin soon. The regional district, in which all the government offices in the city will be housed, has already been completed and we are before receiving Form 4. Also, the old Shaare Zedek complex is in the excavation stage, and construction will begin soon. In place of the National Insurance Institute building that was recently demolished, two buildings will be built - one for the National Insurance and a tower for employment for Jerusalem and the surrounding area."

"Today there is a 95% occupancy rate in offices in Jerusalem and just at the entrance to the city we are constructing more than a million square meters and planning about another 2 million square meters of new office space for employment. The best high-tech and finance companies will come here. We are building such complexes in all the city's neighborhoods - in Givat Shaul, in Talpiot, in Har Hotzvim, in Givat Ram, and also in East Jerusalem. This answers one of the big shortages felt in Jerusalem, which involves tens of thousands of new jobs in the city," Larry adds.

Alongside increasing employment hubs, there is also extensive construction for residences. "We are granting permits every year for about 7,500 housing units. Until four years ago, about 2,000 permits were granted. Today, every year we start building a new city in the state of Israel."

For the residents, he announces that despite the discomfort some of them feel due to the projects, the result will be especially worthwhile. "Those who suffered from traffic jams at the entrance to the city in the Givat Shaul area because the work on the Shazar Tunnels is finished - understand what it's about, and today the traffic flows. Yes, there are periods of discomfort, but it's like renovating a house - done with the knowledge that in the end, it will be more comfortable for you."