the damaged windshield
the damaged windshieldcourtesy

After 12 attacks were committed on the back roads in Samaria in the last nine days, terrorists also attempted this evening (Wednesday) to attack a Jewish man who was driving on his way home.

Ben Zion Ephrasmon, a resident of Givat Ronen who was returning from the birth of his daughter, was caught in a stone-throwing attack carried out from a passing vehicle. Terrorists who passed by and recognized that a Jew was in the other vehicle threw a large rock at the vehicle that tore a hole in the windshield and almost penetrated the car. Miraculously there were no casualties.

"It could have easily ended in a murder like Asher and Yonatan Palmer," Ephramson told Arutz Sheva, referencing the 2011 murder of a young father and his infant son in a 2011 stone-throwing attack.

"Not only did they open the roads to Arabs, they also tried to convince us that 'blue roads' where only Jews are allowed to travel are dangerous and therefore the barriers must be removed. Not only did this turn out to be a complete lie and the opening of the roads led to a drastic increase in terrorist attacks in the area in recent weeks as we haven't seen in a very long time, and tonight I was almost seriously hurt by this irresponsible opening," he said.

"The IDF should completely close the roads this evening to the movement of terrorists," he concluded.