President Herzog with the families
President Herzog with the familiesFlash 90

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met today with the families of the children who have been taken hostage. The meeting was attended by the government representative for the families of hostages and the missing, General Gal Hirsch.

“Today is the UN’s International Children's Day. The day is intended to protect our children. Kidnapping children from their beds, or indeed at all, is a barbaric act that is contrary to all international codes,” President Herzog stated.

He added that “The enemy that kidnapped these children is trying to use them and the rest of the captives as a psychological tool of extortion. The enemy thinks that we will wear ourselves out - we will not. No one, certainly no Muslim, cannot make us accept the kidnapping of children and this kind of abuse.”

“We will do everything possible, and with God's help the children, mothers, and all captives will quickly be at home. This is a global demand, this is certainly an Israeli demand, and this is the required action to bring them home quickly and safely.”

Gal Hirsch commented: “the words home and family are emotionally charged and speak to us all. We think of bedtime stories, smells from the kitchen, of parenthood and of children, children who should be safe at home. There is no heart that is not broken and crying out at the thought that children were kidnapped, and our hearts go out to them and their families. We our focused on all of the hostages, and are working constantly to bring them home.”