Violence (illustration)
Violence (illustration)iStock

Charges for serious assault will be filed against four boys who have been filmed exercising severe violence towards other boys in Petah Tikva. A prosecutor's statement was filed against the four this morning (Friday).

Another minor who was investigated by the police is under house arrest and an indictment will be filed against him.

In a clip circulated on Monday this week on social media, boys are seen brutally beating another boy in a park in Petah Tikva, using sticks and a metal bar to attack him until he bleeds.

Petah Tikva police officers, with the help of other intelligence systems, conducted a quick investigation and managed to identify those involved.

It also turned out that there were two incidents, in one video a group of boys is seen threatening and beating a boy with a gun while in a second video, an attack by a rival group against one of the suspects in the first attack is shown.

Police Commissioner Chief Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai praised the speed of the response to the incident. "From the moment the horrific footage went online, I ordered a rapid opening of the investigation and the investment of all investigative efforts, including technological systems, to bring about the arrest of the suspects."

"We, as the police, are obligated to bring the suspects who used unbridled, brutal and disgusting violence to justice and demand their strict punishment. In recent days, we have been exposed on the Internet to a number of videos documenting youth violence. All cases are handled by the police and the suspects will be brought to justice."

"I call on every citizen who comes across footage of a violent incident to immediately send it to the Israel Police so that we can get to the suspects quickly. Under my guidance as commissioner in these cases, investigations will be opened even without complaints while preserving the privacy of the victims and their families," Shabtai added.

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir added: "I praise the Central Police Department commander Avi Biton and the police of the Central District for the determined and swift arrest of four young men from Petach Tikva who are suspected of two serious cases of violence. Already during the night when the shocking footage was published online, I instructed the police officials to arrest the suspects as quickly as possible. We must show zero tolerance for these types of events, and I have no doubt that the other suspects will also be arrested soon."