Commander Ami Bitton
Commander Ami BittonIDF spokesperson

Col. Ami Bitton has entered his position as the new Commanding Officer of the Paratroopers Brigade, replacing Col. Yoav Brunner, who served in the position for two years and will soon begin academic studies.

The change of command ceremony was held Tuesday at Camp Gur (“Beit Lid”), and was led by the Commanding Officer of the Central Command, MG Yehuda Fuchs, and the Commanding Officer of the 98th Fire Formation Division, BG Dan Goldfuss. In participation were commanders, soldiers, families and other guests.

Commanding Officer of the 98th Fire Formation Division, BG Dan Goldfuss said: "The Paratroopers Brigade influences the IDF as a whole. It is because the brigade’s responsibility is so great that we demand that it produce such precise results."

"Over the past six months, I have seen the brigade accomplish great achievements and conduct operational activity in all sectors perfectly while paying close attention to small details, doing the appropriate research and drawing the required lessons. This demonstrates excellence, and so do you - the brigade’s soldiers and commanders. Brunner, over the past two years, you have commanded the ‘red’ brigade. You are one of the best commanders the IDF has to offer. The command over the brigade has now passed to you, Ami. I have no doubt that the operational and leadership experience you have gained over the years will serve you well. I am confident that you will carry out this mission in a precise, operational and quality manner."

Outgoing Commanding Officer of the Paratroopers Brigade, Col. Yoav Brunner said: "Over the past two years, I was with you in the various arenas - the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria and the northern border. I met excellent paratroopers who are obligated to the mission of defending the State of Israel and operate day and night to maintain its security. During my time in the brigade, I learned what being a paratrooper truly means. Being a paratrooper means to win - without making excuses, by a landslide, with modesty and integrity. Being a paratrooper is setting an example, caring for our surroundings and respecting them."

"I salute each and every one of you for your choice to serve a meaningful service - a choice that isn’t obvious in today’s reality. Be proud of your choice to be a part of such a unique brigade, continue on this path and do everything in your power to be ready for the day of command."

Incoming Commanding Officer of the Paratroopers Brigade, Col. Ami Bitton said: "I am honored and thrilled to take upon myself the command over the Paratroopers Brigade - where I began my service and evolved as a combat soldier and commander."

"I am taking this position ready for any challenge that may present itself, knowing I can share this important mission with you - together we will operate with modesty and excellence, be present anywhere we are needed, prepare for the day of command - and win!

"We will remember the fallen and do whatever it takes so that everyone returns home safely. Best of luck to all of us!"