Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the opposition of only using the negotiations for a compromise on the judicial reform issue at the President's Residence to oppose anything the coalition proposes rather than to demonstrate what reforms they would be in favor of.

“You only talk about dialogue but in talks say, ‘No, no, no, no.’ I would be happy to hear what you do agree to," Netanyahu told the representatives of the Yesh Atid and National Unity parties during a '40 signatures' debate in the Knesset Monday evening.

“I call on you to listen, come to your senses, chart a new course, and enter into real talks with us to try to reach agreements,” he said.

Netanyahu addressed the judicial reform issue during his speech at the opening of the Knesset's summer session earlier today.

"We saw the support [for the judicial reforms] during the massive Thursday demonstration as well as the demonstrations on the other side. This is evidence of our vibrant democracy. We are determined to reach as broad an agreement as possible on the judicial reform that is at the heart of the public dispute in Israel," Netanyahu said.

"The majority of Israeli citizens understand that changes are required in the judicial system, this was also supported by the vote of a 64-seat majority government led by me. I believe that with the good will and genuine willingness of both parties - it is possible to reach these agreements,'' the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister expressed greater optimism that the talks at the President's Residence would achieve a compromise on the judicial reforms which would enjoy broad support from across Israel's political spectrum when he addressed the weekly Cabinet meeting yesterday (Sunday).

"There is also a comprehensive discussion going on between us regarding judicial reform, but we are making an effort to resolve this debate through dialogue. With the goodwill of both parties, I am convinced that agreements can be reached - and I fully support these efforts," Netanyahu said.

"The government continues to move forward in all areas. Tomorrow we will open the summer session of the Knesset. After we have approved the state budget in the government, we will approve the budget in the Knesset. It's a biennial budget. This budget will be passed together with the Arrangements Law. Both together will bring economic stability and catapult the economy to new achievements,'' he said.