Delegations tour Judea and Samaria
Delegations tour Judea and SamariaNachala Movement

Next Week, a delegation of Jews from around the world is expected to arrive in Israel for a special tour of Judea and Samaria, to observe and follow the development of Jewish settlement in Israel.

The tour will place special emphasis on visits to settlements and new outposts in Judea and Samaria, as well as historical sites. It will also include a visit to the Knesset, where the delegates will meet ministers and members of the government to express the support of the Jews from around the world in strengthening the settlement enterprise and establishing new settlements.

The purpose of the mission is to acquaint the world with the flourishing settlement movement and to harness them in the fight against the Arab takeover of the Land of Israel, so that they can be be actual partners in the redemption of land and the establishment of new settlements.

The tour will be accompanied by Daniela Weiss, Chairwoman of the Nachala movement, who will tell the participants about the Jewish history of Judea and Samaria and about the recent positive development of the settlements.

Gail Abrahams from Sydney, Australia, who participated in a previous Nachala mission and has already guaranteed her participation in the upcoming delegation, said before the tour: "While the world media is busy discrediting Israel, there is nothing like physically coming and being impressed by the development of the settlements and seeing the people of Israel who are busy building the land and taking positive initiatives in the absolute opposite direction to what the media abroad presents to us."

Daniela Weiss said: "We have a duty to show the members of the delegation the positive sides of the Land of Israel and the settlements, so that they will pass their impressions on to their family and friends abroad and be ambassadors for the settlements around the world."

Lital Slonim, a member of the management of the Nachala movement who is also expected to join the tour, said precisely in these days when the world is trying to isolate Israel, it is important that supporters of Israel from the entire world unite around the continuation of the vision of building and developing the Land of Israel.