Arab threatens woman with a knife in Netanya
Arab threatens woman with a knife in NetanyaPolice spokesperson

Following the arrest of an Arab in the coastal city of Netanya who was found with a knife in his possession, it has emerged that a potentially serious terrorist attack was averted by a miracle, with no one injured.

Last week, Netanya's special anti-crime police unit began the interrogation of the Arab, who was apprehended after local police received reports of a suspicious individual roaming a central promenade in the city armed with a knife and apparently attempting to stab passers-by.

Police were quickly dispatched to the location where they detained the Arab, a man in his twenties from Samaria, who was found to be armed with a flick-knife. However, no one came forward claiming to have been injured.

During the course of the interrogation, it emerged that the Arab had indeed stabbed a woman in the shoulder. However, the knife somehow only penetrated her coat and failed to cause her injury.

The possibility that the Arab did not act alone has apparently been ruled out, and his detention has been extended. An indictment is expected to be issued in the near future.