Israel Dog Unit volunteers preparing police officers for a search
Israel Dog Unit volunteers preparing police officers for a searchIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in search and rescue, held a special exercise this week simulating a search for a missing person for the Israel Police's senior officers' course. The exercise included the use of working dogs, drones, and a group of searchers combing the search area on foot.

The course commander, Lieutenant Commander Nir Yona, commented: "Thank you to the IDU for coming to participate with us in the search exercise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and professionalism with us. I hope you only ever need to participate in simulations. Keep saving lives."

IDU director Mike Ben-Yaakov commented: "The joint exercise was important for developing an order of operations which incorporates the added value of the IDU's dogs in all stages of the search for a missing person. Improving this cooperation is critical, and will add to our ability to save lives. I welcome any step that will increase the chance of locating missing people and saving lives."