The book of Exodus comes to a finale this week with the reading of its last two Torah portions, Va’yakhel and Pekudei.

The grievous sin of the Golden Calf resulted in the first Yom Kippur: The expression of the Creator’s eternal love and forgiveness for His people. On the day following Yom Kippur, Moshe instructs all those ‘who have heart’ to come forward and donate towards the building of the tabernacle…but first he delivers G-d’s declaration to observe Shabbat.

The Sabbath and the Tabernacle are two expressions of the same concept: how to hold on to the true reality of the Creator, in an illusory world of doubt and materialism.

In this week’s Jerusalem Lights podcast, Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman explore and illuminate these vast and compelling concepts and their significance for all people today.