Hillel and Yagel Yaniv
Hillel and Yagel YanivCourtesy of the family

Yehuda Naumberg is the uncle of Hillel and Yagel Yaniv, who were killed by a Palestinian-Arab terrorist who shot them at point-blank range as they drove along Route 60 in Samaria. In conversation with IsraelNational News, he related his devastation and grief at their murders as well as his disappointment with the policies of what some still call Israel's "most right-wing government ever."

"I have heard so many remarkable stories about my two nephews," Naumberg says. "They came from a home where everyone excels in helping others and their loss will be felt deeply by all of us. Last week, we celebrated the bar mitzvah of one of my sons, and despite my grief, I'm glad that we had that opportunity to spend time together and part from one another."

The murders of the two brothers sparked a riot in the PA-Arab village of Huwara where the shooting occurred. According to PA sources, one person lost his life. Buildings sustained damage, and many vehicles, most of which were in scrap-yards, were torched.

Asked to comment on the incident, Daumberg notes that the location has been a dangerous one for Jews driving through the area for years. Huwara is located on Route 60, the main artery through Judea and Samaria, and is used by many thousands of people daily.

"I told the brigade commander that we feel like sitting ducks driving along that stretch of the road," Daumberg says. "They've simply abandoned the area; it hasn't been safe there for the past 15 years at least. Something like this was waiting to happen. As for whether I would educate my own children to take part in something like what happened in Huwara, I honestly don't know. Would I have taken part myself, in my younger years? My feeling is that I would have. Yes. This is the price the government is paying for its weakness, its lax approach to what's going on here.

"We voted for a right-wing government," he adds, "and we want to see right-wing policies. They have to stop all the evictions [of Jewish residents from unauthorized communities in Judea and Samaria]. We've suffered enough from them. We need more communities to be built, more homes constructed. We have to restore governance and we shouldn't wait for the next murders to justify action that needs to be taken."