The IDF published documentation from the gun battle in Shechem (Nablus) Wednesday morning in which nine terrorists were killed.

In one recording, a soldier can be heard saying into his radio that he was not firing at an armed terrorist because of the presence of a child behind the terrorist.

"The gunman is right here," the soldier says. "There is a child behind him. I am not shooting."

The person on the other end replies: "Affirmative."

Operators and Soldiers from the Israel Border Police, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), and the IDF, operated in the Kasbah of Shechem in order to apprehend wanted terrorists Wednesday morning. These terrorists were involved in the shooting attack which claimed the life of IDF soldier First Sergeant Ido Baruch as well as other attacks on security forces. In addition, the terrorists were involved in the planning of attacks and had the intention of carrying out shooting attacks in the near-future. While under life-threatening enemy fire, the wanted terror suspects and other armed men were neutralized.

The IDF spokesperson stated: "In the morning hours, tactical operators of the National Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Israel Border Police, soldiers of the Israel Security Agency (Shabak), and IDF forces, raided a hidden apartment in the city of Shechem."

"These concentrated efforts in the Samaria region were due to the intelligence gathered by Shabak teams focusing on three wanted suspects. The suspects were involved in the attack during which IDF soldier Sgt. Ido Baruch was murdered and additional attacks recently carried out against our forces operating in Judea and Samaria. The wanted terror suspects were planning additional attacks and intended to carry out dangerous shooting attacks in the near future.

"As our forces arrived to the location, the wanted terror suspects opened with live-fire at our forces who responded to this threat by shooting and neutralizing two of the wanted men.

"As an armed wanted suspect exited the building, our forces neutralized the threat by gunfire. In addition, injuries were detected to other armed men in the area who shot, threw explosives, and threw molotov cocktails at the forces. As mentioned, the three wanted terror suspects were neutralized and killed.

"The wanted terror suspects (still in the process of identification confirmation): Hussam Aslim, 24 years old, one of the leaders of the terrorist group 'Lions Den', carried out shooting and bomb attacks as well as sent the killers of the late soldier Ido Baruch. Muhammad Ah Fatah, 24 years old, an Islamic Jihad operative who carried out shooting attacks against military forces in Judea and Samaria. Walid Dahil, 24 years old, a terror operative and one of the leaders of the terrorist group 'Lions Den', which fired at military forces in Judea and Samaria.

"After searching the building where the terrorists were located, forces seized two firearms and ammunition," the IDF spokesperson said.