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The digital marketing company SKAI, which employs 600 people, of which 300 are in Israel, is taking money out of the country due to the impending judicial reforms, according to Channel 12 News.

According to the report, this is a very large company, even by Israeli standards. According to current estimates, the company is worth more than $1 billion, making it what the business world calls a 'unicorn company'- a company that reaches a valuation of one billion dollars without being listed on the stock market.

According to the company's management, it will leave in Israel only the basic funds that are required to pay taxes according to law, with the rest being transferred to banks abroad. The company turns over approximately 150 million dollars a year just from sales.

It was also reported that the high-tech company WIZ also recently decided to transfer the funds it holds in accounts in Israeli banks to accounts in banks abroad.

According to estimates, venture capitalists Einat Gaz and Assaf Rapaport will also be moving tens of millions of dollars abroad, maintaining a minimal balance in Israel to ensure smooth operations.