Scene of the attack in Jerusalem
Scene of the attack in JerusalemOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Due to the terrorist attacks over Shabbat in Jerusalem, Jonathan Pollard addressed the activists participating in the campaign to establish the "Esther Children Center" in memory of the late Esther Pollard and asked to postpone some of the activities planned for tonight and tomorrow as part of the campaign's activity.

Among other things, the campaign is postponing the establishment of a telephone call center at which Jonathan Pollard and numerous activists were supposed to be working tomorrow to raise funds for the center.

In the letter that Jonathan Pollard sent at the end of Shabbat to the hundreds of activists and supporters participating in the campaign, Pollard wrote:

"Dear activists - following the terrible attacks on Shabbat, I think we should all devote the next few hours to praying to God for the healing of the wounded, for the souls of the murdered, and for God to give our leaders the wisdom, courage and valor to fight our enemies until the end.”

“I asked the dear activists who are helping to lead the campaign to establish the "Esther Children Center" to postpone the establishment of the call center that were planned for the benefit of the campaign until after the funerals. Personal activity by everyone from their homes is possible and of course important to continue precisely at this time.”

“Our enemies think that we have forgotten who we are, what our heritage and roots are and what connects us to this country. Alongside the physical struggle, we will all continue to work together so that the next generation of Israel's children will grow up with the knowledge and connection to the secret of our existence here and be able to prevail over our enemies.”

“I love you very much and am full of gratitude for your dedication. With God’s help, together, we will succeed."

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