MK Simcha Rothman, speaking at the Israel Heritage Foundation special event for Mike Pompeo’s book signing in New York City, praised the former Secretary of State for strengthening the bond between the United States and Israel.

“Secretary Pompeo made [this clear] with his actions and his words,” Rothman said. “And I know in the great future that you will have the opportunity to do much, much more.”

He thanked the members of the Israel Heritage Foundation for helping the Jews to return to Israel, noting the strong connection between the American Jewish community and the community in Israel.

“That’s what makes those communities stronger, the more connected you are to Israel and the more connected you then are to your Jewishness,” he said. “More Jews will come to Israel, more Jews will come visit. More Jews will come by themselves and the connection between the community in the US and the community in Israel, that’s what makes those communities strong.”

He asked for the prayers of the US Jewish community to “build the second level of Jews returning to the Land of Israel.”

He commented that through “bringing justice” the Land of Israel and the Jewish people will be redeemed. He noted that was the name he gave to Constitution Law And Justice Committee hearings this week on Israel’s Basic Law that deals with judges.

“Because today the people in Israel have a problem. They don’t feel that the justice system does justice for them. It’s an issue of internal politics. But everything is under control,” he said.

“But that’s democracy, we believe in this process,” he added.

He explained that “the redemption of the people of Israel is dependent on the fact that we will have justice. We cannot have a functioning State of Israel without a functioning justice system. That’s the mission I’m trying to do again. I need your support, I need your prayers. I’m willing to do my small part in this.”

He remarked on the meaning for him personally of the name of Pompeo’s book, “Never Give an Inch.”

“When I read it… I’ve never heard that someone wants to take parts of New Jersey away from from the US. In Israel that is an issue, of never giving an inch. We will never give an inch. This Is our land, this is our homeland. And we need to stay there. We need to stay strong and with your help Secretary Pompeo, we will be able to do this mission.”