Shooting (illustrative)
Shooting (illustrative)Flash 90

Ahad al-Sana'a, a 26-year-old resident of Laqiya, was shot and seriously injured Friday as he traveled on Route 60 with his wedding entourage to collect his bride, Israel Hayom reported.

According to his brother, the police's belief that the shooting is part of a quarrel between relatives is not true.

"There is no quarrel, there are those who say that my brother is connected to the murder of their mother last October. They say that he is the murderer. It's not him, they did not go according to Bedouin law. They didn't clarify or anything else," he told Israel Hayom, adding that there were "more than seven people, I saw them and I know who they are."

"The police need to reach these people and do their job, they should arrest them and bring them to court," al-Sana added, emphasizing that his brother "is not connected to the murder at all, he's absolutely not connected. He was a suspect, he was interrogated and they released him."

Separately, on Saturday night Sa'eed Omar, age 25, was shot dead in Kafr Qara in northern Israel, Israel Hayom reported. Another man, in his 30s, was evacuated to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in serious condition.

It is suspected that the shooting was criminal in nature, and police are searching the area and collecting evidence and an investigation has been opened.